Clever move by UKIP to try to stop genuinely Independent candidates from becoming visible.

Mike Reid’s song’s OK, and could help the UKIP if it gets in to the charts and onto radio station playlists.  The youtube won’t embed of course.  They’re being a bit precious with their latest political ploy – going musical.  They want you to cough up 79p each time you hear it.

The main threat UKIP fears now is the emergence of genuinely independent candidates, people who want a full-on opposition to fracking and its destructive effects of the British countryside and population, a policy which shockingly UKIP  fully supports, including the suppression of the true facts about fracking.

By calling UKIP ‘the independents’ – (nothing could be further from the truth) – it makes it a little bit harder for real independents to get traction.  Did you notice that at the Newark byelection an independent candidate, Paul Baggaley grabbed 5% of the votes, helping to block UKIP’s hopes of success?  They’re worried in case the voters are now ready to drop political parties and go for independent candidates..

UKIP, which does not allow any independent views amongst any of its candidates, are billing themselves as  ‘the independents’.   It’s another calculated manipulation of the truth.  Not good, Farage.  You’re looking a bit slippery these days.  That enormous grin makes me feel uncomfortable, as you work hard for the oil and gas cartel’s programme to destroy Britain’s countryside.   Farage might not be the EU’s man, but he’s sold out to the people who are behind the EU and he’s done deals with Murdoch and the rest.  No mention of GMOs, fracking and other well-known anti-people measures of the global corporations.

Carswell looks genuine, and is possibly a little naive, trusting that his enemy’s enemy (Farage) is his friend.  The trouble is that the real enemy is covert, and Farage is doing deals with them.  The EU’s just a ploy to waste our time, and assist the corporate throttlehold over our lives to become tighter while we battle endlessly with its labyrinthine rules.  Hence that big grin.  Farage is a sell-out to the covert global power structure that puts the EU in place and he knows it.

Anonymous adds
I actually used to be a member of UKIP, what started to wake me up to them was when some people from the regional office visited to have a talk with the people at a monthly meeting.

One person brought up Common Purpose and it was immediately dismissed as a Brian Garish Conspiracy Theory… and no one had mentioned Brian or the UK Column at all, just asked about Common Purpose.

Just saying, but this was what started to wake me up to the direction UKIP was going, and this was a couple of years ago.


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