Chris Spivey arrested for the second time. Here’s why.

Hi Tap,

Chris Spivey has been arrested yet again. As you will see from the attached there is little information at the moment but can you please post the latest on your page as soon as you can to let your readers know.

Many thanks.

Chris has been arrested again.

This is a quick message to you all to let you know Chris, within the last hour has been arrested. Reports from home say the police asked to come in but had no warrant  so  Chris refused, they then went about breaking in the front door and back windows to get to him, unfortunately they got him and have taken him away in handcuffs.
At this point this is all the information we have.
As we get more we will let you know, in the mean time hit Facebook, twitter, emails and blogs, let every one in the AM know that yet again another one of us has been kidnapped by the state.
This is not acceptable, get angry and make a noise.

Here’s why they took him – his post the day before brilliantly exposing the beheadings as fakes.

So Alan Henning has been beheaded has he?
Well, he certainly has as far as the Cunt Cameron is concerned and if the Cunt Cameron says he has, then he has.
I mean, fuck me, no bastard dare say otherwise for fear of being arrested as one of those non-violent dissenters who are every bit as dangerous as the extremely barbaric terrorists – apparently.
And indeed, the Prime Mincers pep talk seems to have worked because I have seen many a Facebook status from the ‘Wide Awake Club’, lamenting Henning’s death.
After all, the last 3 chop, chop, chop off your heads were all blatantly fake, so why should Hennings be any different?
Do these people really believe that Henning had his head chopped off, because if he did, it wasn’t in the video banned from Youfool Youtube, that is for fucking sure!
Or maybe they are just erring on the side of caution, having had a halfhearted failed attempt at tracking down a video showing the decapitation deed… So much for question everything then.
Then again perhaps it is as I say; fear is playing a part… Well fuck fear because Alan Henning was not beheaded by Jihadi John Al Lennonadi in the video – as the Cunt Cameron and the Comedy Club know all too fucking well that he wasn’t.
So why the fuck are they saying that he was, if not to con the population for the purposes of a much more sinister agenda?
Hmmm, best we have a look at this latest round of old bollocks?

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