Canada Shooter Media Hoax: FOX News says ‘It’s Terrorism, It’s ISIS’

A number of armed officers outside the building could be seen laughing and joking even as they drew their weapons. Others appeared to be posing for the news crew cameras. In one shot, two officers pointed their guns in unison up at the building across the street – then taking cover behind a police vehicle – while the officer behind them is casually leaning up against a wall. These scenes could be an indicator that the Ottawa shooting was staged and part of a major terror drill gone live – apparently.

Watch the Globe and Mail’s footage taken inside the Parliament building…

As expected, US media are pushing hard to try and connect this bizarre shooting event to ISIS.Right-wing news outlets like FOX and The Blaze are claiming that, “according to multiple reports” (we’re not sure which reports they mean as there are no links to these reports) the shooter was a “recent convert to Islam”, according to multiple reports.

As the shooter is not alive to tell his tale, you can expect the media will fill in the blanks with the usual littany of hyperbolic and cliched statements:

“A loner”
“A disturbed individual”
“Friends say he became more radicalized”
“Influenced by ISIS”
“Security services flagged him as a person of interest” (and of course, did nothing)
“Neighbors say he was a loner and kept to himself”
“Family, friends are shocked, but not surprised”

Shooter Zehaf-Bibeau has the perfect modus operandi for typical directionless loser turned informant – where government agencies like the FBI or intelligence services will take control of their mentally ill, repeat offender asset, hoping he can radicalize other male youths at his local mosque in order to create a new domestic terror cell that the agency can observe and report on. Amazingly, this Canadian shooter fits the bill perfectly. 

Montreal reporter Domenic Fazioli (below) confirmed that Zehaf-Bibeau has already been arrested five times for drug possession and violating parole.


As far as informant patsies go, so far it’s reading like a fairytale story.


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