Abolish The Roman Catholic Church. ITCCS.

The Catholic Church is a criminal organisation breaking the laws of every country it operates within.  The spiritual power of the church is negated by the actions of its leaders, their involvement in mass child rape, torture and sacrifice.

The allegiance people felt they owed to the Pope and the church is gone.  People can establish their own spiritual authority, as well as their own legal authority.  

In the UK, common law groups are established in Coventry, Brighton, London and Birmingham.  Churches, governments and courts no longer possess any authority.  People have to be creative, take action on their own.  This is more than a reformation.  It’s a reclaiming of our laws, our own spirit.  The law of nature, the divine law, the common law.  Law is not legitimate without consent.  People are withdrawing consent once they know what their governments and ‘rulers’ are involved with.

The Roman Empire claimed that the emperor was the Pontifex Maximus, the head of the church, and was the intermediary between heaven and earth.  The Catholic Church like the Roman Empire is a criminal organisation, keeping its crimes of child ritual killing secret, but the secrets are now spilling out.

The churches always try to make out individual priests are doing it on their own.  An apology means a defence of your own action, saying it’s not your liability.  Priests are able to cover up child abuse under Canon Law.  They are instructed to do so.  To the public they always claim they’re dealing with the abuse.  Two faces.

Every new Pope has to prove themselves by taking part in ritual child torture and killing.  The Zionists and the Vatican are an alliance.  The Rothschild connection to The Vatican Bank is very real.  The Jesuits established the Illuminati at the time they were banned.

The Catholics are connected with the Chinese banks and the Russian banks.  There seems to be a war against humanity, which could also have connection to other dimensions, off-planet entities. The Papacy and the College of Cardinals are a Satanic network. They feed off the suffering of innocents.  The best place to get a supply of children, and cover up murder is the Catholic Church.  It’s happening all over the world.

Go to www.itccs.com and read the common law training manual.  Get in touch and find out how to set up common law courts and enforcement groups.

New witnesses are continually coming forward.  Insiders are breaking out from within the Vatican.  A Belgian politician is working with the court, to bring political support.  Laurent Louis accused the members of the government to their faces.  He is under attack like others in the movement.  He needs support.

Satanic entities are called forth by the Satanists during their rituals.  The victims who survive the rituals believe the souls of the murdered children they witness being murdered are given to them to hold.  The Satanists are trying to eat their souls.

Annett carried out an exorcism at Maastricht where the EU Treaty was signed.  There definitely is an entity there.  Souls trapped can be released, many trapped by their connection to the Satanic Catholic Church.


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