Your head spinning from reading alternative media? Who are the goodies, and who are the baddies?

Someone drew my attention today to the belated works of the youtube user known as t0mcahill a rather obvious shill who could well do with a wash.  A classic muddying of the waters with rather pathetic ad hominem attacks thrown in.  However his efforts appear targetted at anyone touching the subject of establishment perverts and false flag terrorism.

His targets include Sovereignindependent, Brian Gerrish, Chris Spivvey, Belinda Mackenzie, Bill Maloney, Roger Hayes,Community action pressgroup.

Oddly the attention he has given vis a vis CAP co-incides with David Ickes little rant at the same.

Comically he accuses Brian Gerrish of being a marxist “change agent” LOL however this gives the game away and points towards the techniques of his masters.   Blame the opposition of your own crimes and misdeads being a classic israeli / bolshevik propaganda technique.

Brian is a Marxist trained coagitator, disruptor, chaos bringer and revolutionary. He’s a change agent, like those that are used by the Communists to bring in change in the target area. This change will never be possible to achieve without whipping up hatred of the masses for a certain group, as the demise of the entire target population is the aim and will be the reason for the coagitator’s presence. Without venomous hatred of a percieved threat, the coagitator’s role of destroying the wider target will never get off the ground.

I smell a rat !
His repotoire can be found here.

I bet he will never surface. Cahill probably a paid or blackmailed whore of some intel org. The fact that he is way out of date implies that he is fed delayed info via long chain  he might recieve a script of talking points to work with prior to producing a video. Such a delay might be introduced in a tierd bureaucratic structure ie  up & down the chain of command for approval & sign off as part of a targetted disinfo  /psyop mission. Muppet would then produce his video & send it for approval prior to release introducing further delay.
The list of targets and his high output implies that he is probably not just an independent fuckwit.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    john pilgers latest and his best

  2. shirlz007 says:

    let’s face it… the ‘truther movement’ has failed… didn’t need any help from the intel services or any ‘shills’

    You buy into Icke, and Annet and co. and render yourselves powerless… it’s up to the good guys in the intel services to sort this mess out… I knew by end of 2012 what was going on…

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