You Gov put Scottish YES ahead 1%. A month ago, NO led by 22%. Where’ve we seen this kind of thing before?

Rig a TV debate.  Rig a poll.  Rig a referendum or election.  Where’ve I seen that before?  Nick Clegg’s TV debate deification (The Cleggasm) in 2010.  Many commentators thought Cameron let him win/in.  The Conservatives had a clear majority a year before the election, then ‘leading’ politicians like Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine started talking of a ‘hung parliament’, which at the time made no sense.  First polling moved dramatically away from the Conservatives (YouGov leading the way), then the TV debates surged the Lib Dems and whack, a hung Parliament, the desired result of the manipulators occurred.

Now it’s the Scottish Independence vote following the same pattern.  So much for British democracy.  We are manipulated to bring the required results, which can be obtained by hook or by crook.  No doubt a referendum on the EU can be made to bring the required result using similar methods.  

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Many other suspicious polls and elections bring a win by a tiny fraction for the ‘required’ result.  Which ones spring to mind?   Those heralding the Euro, those bringing countries into the EU, the second Irish referendum on Lisbon, and many others.  We actually live in a military totalitarian state, masquerading as a democracy.  Yet we have to still try to make democracy work for us, to stop the agendas of the powerful.  Those primarily add up to depopulation, and Agenda 21.

I use leaflets, posters, resistance groups, anything I can, to stop the attacks coming in against us.  They want us fracked, GMOed, fluoridated, supplied with filthy water, MSGed, Aspartamed, vaccinated, chemtrailed, irradiated at airports, fried by mobile phone technology, sleep deprived by wifi, ‘medicated’ with toxins, nutrition deprived, and so on until we can scarcely maintain fertility or live beyond sixty years apiece.

At this moment Putin is attempting to block NATO and the United Nations, the effective world government and hold onto some kind of independent existence.  It’s interesting he’s talking of closing all the MacDonalds across Russia.  Yet I’ve seen chemtrails when flying over Moscow, and Russia endures a hopeless economy, my friends in Moscow tell me, with corruption now so bad, it’s no longer possible to run their businesses.   

Where there is life, there is hope.  There are incredibly brave people like Kevin Annett still fighting back, and getting results.  The more of us who become aware of what we face, the harder it gets for the tiny number at the very top to manipulate the rest of us.  We are many.  They are few.  That’s the statistic that needs to be kept in your mind above all others.  Scotland, currently run by a junta of three people (Brian Gerrish/UK Column), is being sacrificed.  

With powers to arrest people in England, transport them and hold them without trial in Scottish jails (Read about Robert Green’s case campaigning against the Scottish paedophile ring), Scotland provides a powerful impregnable base for totalitarian world government, based on control by paedophile psycopaths.  Dunblane never went away.  It had a 100 year D Notice imposed over it so people wouldn’t find out the shocking truth about Scotland, and how power is exercised over Britain and the English speaking world through the operation of paeophile rings.

The top of the pyramid likes everyone divided up and separated at the bottom.  Strength has to be destroyed wherever it manifests, so no challenge is ever possible against the top.  Yet any structure can be rewired.  Divide and rule can be fought by unite and refuse to be ruled.  Oliver Cromwell dared to remove the Crown, and the laws still exist that make Monarchy illegal in Britain, says Kevin Annett. Monarchy was illegally re-imposed with a military coup.

Officialdom can be still brought to book by common law courts.  Not all the cards are held at the top (although Cameron and Clegg are trying to end the Common Law in Britain with their Bill Of Rights).  If people would turn away from the main media, and wake up a little bit faster, much more could be done to preserve freedom and health, and ensure human survival. There’s a lot of work to be done.  It’s time to get away from the keyboard and operate in the real world as well.  The internet is great, but not enough.

Do the Royals fear a collapse of support in England?  The Queen has been convicted of crimes against humanity committed in the Canadian genocide (See Annett above).  Are they running to hide away in their paedophile-controlled Scottish enclave as the truth about their Ninth Circle activities starts spilling into the public domain, and their worldwide killing spree of humanity gets better known.  That would be worth rigging a referendum over, and securing their ultimate paranoid-psychopathic terrorist base.

Police fail to proceed with 200 paedophile charges against politicians

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5 Responses to “You Gov put Scottish YES ahead 1%. A month ago, NO led by 22%. Where’ve we seen this kind of thing before?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Common law is all we have that can change this shocking criminal takeover. The Elites are way out of line and have led us into the abyss. We are teetering on extinction now and the rules have to change. We are sitting ducks who are paying for our own demise. Enough talking and the time for walking is long overdue. They are terrified of us, hence all the surveillance that they have set up. We need to let them know now that we are watching them and make them answer for the crimes they have committed. It is us or them now. Taxes need to be severed !! that is the only way we can reign these thieves in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, in regards to the Scotish independence I really think this makes a good read!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know to some I’m a controversial figure but as I say well hell somebody’s got be so it might as well be me.

    Scottish independence is a farce. The no campaign say it is better for Scotland to stay in the union but give at least flimsy reasons why, while the the yes campaign say we’ll be able to make our own decisions but don’t say on what.

    I feel that if Scotland is to make a break from England then it should be a complete break but what we have is the status-quo. Business as usual.

    Some of you may have watched the Salmond – Darling debate and noticed the heated exchange concerning currency. Well, perhaps my expectations were too high but I was hoping Salmond would tell Darling that Scotland would use something along the lines of the Bradbury Pound and controlled by the Scottish government and not by any centralized bank. So no news there!

    Scotland would remain in the EU but no referendum for the wishes of the Scottish people. I’m no lover of the EU and believe in an open worldwide market. So that’s not going to happen.

    Scotland will have NATO membership but get rid of Trident from Faslane. I don’t believe Scotland should be in the NATO club but by all means get rid of the WMD. Who would want to attack Scotland with a population of 5 million and for what reason? A dram, a woolly pullover or a Haggis. Can’t see it! Even is someone did it would look bad on England and the EU and NATO not to come to Scotland’s defence.

    So in just 11 days time Scotland will be making a Yes or No vote but there’s no policy for me to vote for.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “I feel that if Scotland is to make a break from England then it should be a complete break but what we have is the status-quo. Business as usual.”

    With all due respect, we are breaking away from the United Kingdom,not England.

    As for the tap article a few months ago saying that Salmond & his relatives were a secret Zionist. Anything to say about Mr Salmond being first to offer medical assistance and treatment for the people of Gaza?

  5. Tapestry says:

    The Zionists usually have a public policy in denial of their real policy.

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