3 Responses to “What’s all that stuff up in the sky?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Noticed 20 Chemtrails starting in the SE heading over Yorkshire in a Fan shaped pattern at 4:pm.
    This must be some experimental pattern, last saw this about a month ago.
    Last week we had 30 parallel Chemtrails causing fog the next day.
    They still cannot control the weather for long, must be costing us a fortune.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a smal cafe neara US air base i get the girls from the nearby factory coming in and also US airmen who enjoy chatting to the girls.
    Now the US airmen are told not to talk baout chemtrails, but they tell us openly that they are killing people and are stifling all vegetaional growth and are being crop failures
    we think thos is its main goal, to stop all non GM crops from growing as GM are aluminum resistant

  3. Anonymous says:

    Technical glitches at the Tap?This video does not play for me.
    (The UK Column Live Stream video on the other hand is playing automatically.)

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