‘We won’t be sorry to see Prince Charles’ friend Alex Salmond go’ – Mike Robinson, UK Column Livestream

10 cases of electoral fraud in Glasgow, double voting.

Two fire alarms went off during the count in Dundee.

Suspicion is being created in the places where the vote went ‘YES’.

No checks possible on 16/17 year old voters.

3 year old discovered on the electoral roll.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this article prves jews are behind attacks on catholicsim


  2. Anonymous says:

    More bolocuast crap from the famous david irving website
    a 93 year old german soldier is wheeled out to be punished


  3. Gordon says:

    Re article: Add to that numerous police callouts to polling stations were scenes of intimidations and fights by the No camp broke out.

    Apparently terrorized by the fear-mongering tactics of the British establishment media, in the form of hysterical warnings about food price rises and “societal disintegration”, the fiercely independent Scottish people voted to remain in the UK. Or so the British establishment media would have us believe.

    The official result matched the predictions of polls conducted by huge for-profit City of London market research companies. Prime Minister David Cameron declared that “this settles the independence debate for a generation.” Case closed? I don’t think so. We’re being asked to believe that a majority of Scots voted ‘Yes’ to more austerity, ‘Yes’ to more wars in their name, ‘Yes’ to keeping nuclear weapons, ‘Yes’ to the continued theft of Scottish natural resources and ‘Yes’ to less democracy.

    If all of that sounds unbelievable, it’s because it is:
    “It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.”

    ~ Attributed to Stalin

    International observers

    Some 222 international observers are said to have registered with the referendum organising body, Britain’s Electoral Commission. They were apparently required to pay their own way, costing these Canadian observers over $4,000 to attend. As far as I can tell at this juncture, the observations of just one party of these accredited observers has been reported anywhere.

    Speaking on behalf of the four accredited observers from Moscow’s Public Institute of Suffrage, Igor Borisov reported that the Scottish referendum was “badly flawed” and did not meet international standards, specifically pointing out that the vote counting took place in rooms that were too big.

    The counting centre his team visited was a huge aircraft hangar – 100 metres by 300 metres – next to an airfield. They reported that it was impossible to see what was going on because the observers were kept behind a perimeter, away from the tables where votes were being counted. Most alarmingly, they couldn’t tell where the boxes with ballot papers were coming from:
    “Nobody was interested in who was bringing in the voting slips. There were no stamps or signatures as the bulletins were handed over.”
    Russian official Georgy Fyodorov added:
    “There were more Yes votes during the vote count. Scotland found itself under immense pressure… Those on the UK side campaigning for a No vote resorted to every violation imaginable.”

    Read more: http://www.sott.net/article/286057-Scottish-referendum-result-undoubtedly-rigged

    Scottish Referendum Vote Count Fraud: Open Letter to David Cameron
    Dear David Cameron,

    Thanks for your strong stance on British sovereignty in the European Union. It’s good to see a politician stand up for the people of the UK. We have another matter we’d like to bring to your attention.

    Vote Count Fraud In The Scottish Independence Referendum

    Recent video evidence on Youtube has shown compelling evidence that there may have been vote rigging during the Scottish independence referendum.

    1) A video with 350,000+ views, showing what appears to be a man filling in multiple ballots himself.

    Read more: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?75124-Scottish-Referendum-Vote-Count-Fraud-Open-Letter-to-David-Cameron

  4. Gordon says:

    Scots MP: Scottish National Party and Yes Campaign riddled with MI5 and other agents of British security state.

    Margo MacDonald MSP, who says she believes there are undercover agents operating in the SNP, told MI5 chief Andrew Parker that his staff should only be used to thwart criminal and terrorist acts, rather than engage in dirty tricks against those who support Scottish independence.

    A Home Office spokesman declined to comment on the letter.

    The purpose of MI5 is to protect the UK “against threats to national security”, a form of words that could be interpreted as resisting the break-up of Britain. Some Nationalists have long believed the SNP was infiltrated in the 1970s by agents worried booming North Sea oil revenues could lead to independence.

    MacDonald, a former deputy leader of the SNP and now an independent MSP, believes MI5 was active during the constitutional debate in this period and wants a commitment that such activity has ceased.

    In a letter to MI5’s director general, MacDonald wrote: “I will be obliged if you can give me an assurance that UK Security Services will not be used in any respect in the lead-up to the Scottish referendum on sovereignty, unless, of course, the Scottish police have sufficient evidence to justify normal responses to potentially overtly criminal acts.

    “I do understand that the Security Services are vital to all the countries and regions of the British Isles and the potential for law-breaking may be heightened during the forthcoming campaign.

    “As action on the Security Services’ part is calculated to keep communities safe and aid cohesion, I would welcome an assurance from you that this will continue, and that no other consideration will inform your Department’s work.”

    Speaking to the Sunday Herald, MacDonald said the recent comments of former chancellor Denis Healey, who said the Labour Government of the 1970s had underplayed the value of oil revenues, underlined her concerns. She said: “The influence of the security services was insidious. If the opportunity came up to depress the self-confidence of Scots, then the opportunity was taken.”

    Asked if she believed the SNP and the wider Yes movement was currently infiltrated, she said: “Of course the security services have people in the SNP.”

    Crispin Black, a former intelligence adviser to ex-prime minister Tony Blair and the Joint Intelligence Committee, said he believed MI5 would monitor the independence debate: “My guess is that MI5 would have the referendum on its radar, primarily to ensure its fairness. There’s definitely a national security angle to Scottish independence that the security services would be aware of, but my sense is that they would be stopping dirty tricks, rather than trying to initiate them.”

    He added that MI5 would have a concern about the knock-on effect of independence on Northern Ireland.

    A spokesman for the Scottish Government declined to comment.

    At the Home Office, which handles enquiries about the Security Service, a spokesperson said the department would not comment on private correspondence.

    Comment: For the record, the newspaper that published the above article was the ONLY media outlet in the entire UK that supported Scottish independence. Margot MacDonald has since died.

  5. Anonymous says:

    BBC on a Scotish & Israel RANT


    Educated verbal pollution?

    7 days to listen

    your thoughts TAPS friends

    18:30 Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation Series 10, How to Define Oneself in Terms of Regional, Cultural and Geopolitical Identity Without Tears

    2/4 In a post-referendum world, Jeremy examines nationality, identity and accents. The noo.



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