US Ambassador. ‘Why is Putin coming to visit Serbia?’

BELGRADE – US Ambassador Michael Kirby said that the relations between Serbia and the United States are very good, but on the occasion of the announced visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belgrade he asked – Why is Vladimir Putin coming? Photo: Supplied “You can have good relations with Russia and China, and the United States. But our position on visits to Chinese and Russian officials differ. The Chinese attacked almost no one, but Russians did. 

It should be borne in mind. It’s not clear whether Putin will come, but if that happens – why is he coming? Due to the celebration of the liberation of Belgrade? Belgrade was also liberated by the third Ukrainian Army, as a part of the Red Army,” Kirby said in an interview with Serbian Daily “Vecernje Novosti”. 

Recalling that many countries were part of the USSR, and thus the Red Army, he also asked: “If you have already invited Putin, did you invite others who participated in the liberation of Belgrade?” Asked to explain, 

Kirby said: “Serbia has the right to call whomever it wants, it is up to Serbia and it’s leadership, and I just think that the context is wrong.”

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