UKIP’s energy madness and war wisdom

The UKIP Conference has come and gone.  I spotted one little sub-group held yesterday near to conference close time.  
The Future of British Coal
Nijinsky Suite (1st Floor)
Chaired by Blair Smillie and featuring former NUM Executive Member David Douglass, Luke Warren of the Carbon Capture & Storage Association, Tony Lodge of the Centre for Policy Studies, Ian Parkin of miner Hargreaves Services and UKIP Energy spokesman Roger Helmer MEP.

Does this show us a gradual move away from fracking and unconventional gas is taking place.

Luke Warren seems to be adamant carbon capture is for storage only.  How come Australians are planning to mix captured carbon with hydrogen to make methanol and turn carbon capture into profits?  In Britain only loss-making carbon capture is being permitted as of now.  

Total madness of course, but at least reliance on coal gives us three hundred years of energy security, and won’t destroy our water and countryside, while making the population sick.

Nice to hear Farage slam the bombing of Middle east countries

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In 1955 the british steam trains which had provided excellant value for money, were due to have an advanced update, but rothschild
    wanted to sell his deisel fuel, so bought or blackmailed several politicians and also used his funny handsake brigade, to cancel the steam trans and go to diesel.
    We are seeing the same now with rothschild fracking, like the dissolution of the steam train fracking is a retrograde step

  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember when Dave Douglass started at Hatfield Main Colliery, the mine nearly ground to a halt, production plummeted.
    Dave’s other name was ” Danny the Red “, don’t know why that was.
    He should have done something about the drop in production before Thatcher started on the miners.

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