UKIP defence spokesman – ‘Keep Britain out of Ukraine’


MikeHookem.jpgAfter learning of France’s decision to suspend the supply of warships to Russia and of the British governments decision to send British troops to exercise in Ukraine, UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP said:
“While I see France’s decision to suspend the supply of two warships to Putin’s forces, as a victory for common sense over national greed, I am very concerned by the coalition government’s decision to send British troops on exercise in the Ukraine, especially at such a sensitive time in ceasefire negotiations.”
“I believe that any deployment of British troops abroad, whether on operations or exercise and no matter how small, should only be done on the grounds of serving the national interest of the UK; a prerequisite I feel that this deployment falls short of. I would also question the mission of these troops, as a deployment of thirty men smacks of Special Forces.”
“We have to remember that Ukraine is currently a country at war and even if our forces are only engaged in exercising, this is a highly provocative act at such a sensitive time in the ceasefire negotiations. While we should always fulfil our treaty obligations to NATO, Ukraine is not part of NATO. We should be moving away from armed confrontation in the region and toward the negotiating table in this poisonous conflict.”
“What is also of great concern is that with troop deployments to Ukraine, and Cameron’s sabre rattling over Islamic state, we as a country are once again faced with a situation where British troops could once again be deployed in two separate conflicts, as we were in Iraq and Afghanistan. We simply cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into a situation, especially considering the cutbacks our armed forces has recently undergone.”
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  1. Anonymous says:

    “While I see France’s decision to suspend the supply of two warships to Putin’s forces,…

    What is this JEW shit? ‘Putin’s forces’??? When do we ever hear of ‘Cameron’s forces’? OR ‘Obama’s forces’? God I HATE the JEWS!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This man’s opinion is more in keeping with the general view of the British and American public and many troops than the warmongering preferred by special interest groups who will profit from endless conflict – over everyone else’s dead bodies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The below article shows that jews still persecute german nationals for monetary gain 70 years after W W II but refuse to pay for damage to palestine
    see here

  4. Anonymous says:

    thanks UKIP for the common sense.
    many of our soldiers have said they will walk away from illegal wars of plunder.
    Our government chemtrails soldiers families, poisons their drinking water with fluoride etc, puts GM in the food, puts their families on the dole while importing in people from all over the world to take their jobs and homes
    wht should our soldiers fight for sucha criminal government ?

  5. sovereigntea says:

    With regard to our military unfortunately the top brass come from the bottom drawer. They lack the spine to deal with the usurping enemy within, the abbrogation of our constitution and Common Law,the looting of the treasury and criminal activities of the filthy political actors and their associates.

    Add to that the use of DU munitions which have long since been proven to harm our own servicemen and issues such as fluoridation & chemtrails which are both covert WMD attacks on the UK make the inadequacy of these pension and gong seeking Sir Ruperts only too apparent.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Woolf in sheeps clothing to head the biggest Child Abuse cover-up ever seen

    In March 2014 Lord Mayor of London Woolf served with infamous child abuser Leon Brittan on the
    International Financial Services forum

    Fiona Woolf is the Alderman for the Ward of Candlewick (Sheriff 2010/ 11) in the City of London and a past President of the Law Society of England and Wales (2006/7). She is a Senior Adviser with London Economics International LLP, a trustee of Raleigh International, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and President of the Chelsea Opera Group. She is a member of the Council of The London Regiment of the Territorial Army and of the Women’s Business Council.

    This is from the IFSF website

    “We very much hope that you will be able to join us in March 2014.”

    Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE, Lord Mayor of the City of London
    Lord Brittan, Vice Chairman, UBS Investment Bank
    Sir Philip Hampton, Chairman, RBS Group
    Sir Thomas Harris, Vice Chairman, Asia, Standard Chartered Bank
    Anthony Belchambers, Chief Executive, Futures and Options Association
    Sharon Bowles MEP, Chair, Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, European Parliament and Member of the European Parliament for South East England
    Ewan Brown, Chairman, Scottish Financial Enterprise
    Chris Cummings, Chief Executive, TheCityUK
    Douglas Flint, Chairman, HSBC
    Gerry Grimstone, Chairman, Standard Life and Chairman, TheCityUK
    Rachel Lomax, Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and Chair, International Regulatory Strategy Group
    Paul Manduca, Chairman, Prudential Plc
    John Nelson, Chairman, Lloyd’s of London
    Jim O’Neill, Former Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

  7. sovereigntea says:

    According to

    The City of London over which she now presides is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker’s chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City’s rights and privileges are protected.
    In 1886, Andrew Carnegie wrote that, “six or seven men can plunge the nation into war without consulting Parliament at all.” Vincent Vickers, a director of the Bank of England from 1910-1919, blamed the Corporation/City for the wars of the world. The British Empire was an extension of bankers’ financial interests.

    The Crown always refer to a stealthy circle of power brokers who all believe in the Masonic philosophy – the brotherhood of man ruled by philosopher kings (or adepts) in league with the God of Masonry.

    Ordinary members of Masonic lodges, are to these adepts and their goals what the people of the Western civilizations are to the directors of the Crown – useful fools.

    This secretive cabal is represented by the dominant political, economic and cultural institutions across the world. Western society has been subverted and western culture is bankrupt. Democracy is a form of social control and the mass media and education are forms of indoctrination.
    Woolf is also a City lawyer and former president of the Law Society ever tried to complain about a lawyer , abusing your trust, she is the one who stopped the complaints getting anywhere. Every inch an insider who has made a huge amount of money from the people she is now asked to investigate for horrific sexual abuse and murder of children. She is asked to investigate the huge profits many of her friends have made from the global multi billion child porn and exploitation industry which is camouflaged and paid into the banks she advises.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is how the Elite use smoke and mirrors.
    Confuse the issue and then have someone from another Country to head the inquiry.
    Just another thought, Hitler had Woolf in his plan.
    Woolf’s lair, Sea Woolfe and many more.

  9. sovereigntea says:

    Demockracy is fake as is the nonce inquiry ! Govt still willingly interfaces with nonce Leon Brittan.

    The scumbags have no intention of ridding the nation of high ranking child molesters.

    “We very much hope that you will be able to join us in March 2014.”

    Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE, Lord Mayor of the City of London
    Lord Brittan, Vice Chairman, UBS Investment Bank

    International Financial Services London (IFSL)

    The IFSL claims to provide [through its LOTIS (Liberalisation Of Trade In Services) Committee] an effective interface between the private sector and government on a wide range of business, regulatory and market access issues. More specifically, the organisation claims to have close links with government departments, in particular HM Treasury, British Trade International, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The overall goal is to speed up liberalisation of trade in services, which is currently regulated by the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). The growing economic importance of services, and the associated business opportunities this opens up, explains the UK government’s support for GATS.
    Liberalisation of Trade in Services: Corporate Power at Work

    Based upon internal minutes of LOTIS Committee and High-Level LOTIS Group meetings, the GATSwatch research paper ‘Liberalisation of Trade in Services: Corporate Power at Work’ (by Erik Wesselius, Corporate Europe Observatory) shows how senior UK government officials work closely with their business ‘counterparts’ to promote the interests of the UK financial services industry. The minutes also reveal how earlier this year these government officials have allied with business in planning a campaign to defeat civil society opposition against the WTO services negotiations.

    Read the paper online:

    A summary of Erik Wesselius’ research paper ”Liberalisation of Trade in Services: Corporate Power at Work”

  10. sovereigntea says:

    Demockracy has been stolen by corporate power.

    LOTIS Committee

    Linking up GATS and Corporate Political Power

    By Corporate Watch UK
    Completed July 2002

  11. sovereigntea says:

    Former Trade Commissioner Now Lobbies for Services Industry

    “When I was the EU Commissioner responsible for trade negotiations I invited business leaders to become more involved. […] Now that I am in the private sector myself, I am especially pleased to take on the Chairmanship of the high-level LOTIS Group.” – Lord Brittan of Spennithorne [1]

    n 7 February 2001, former EU Trade Commissioner Leon Brittan became Chairman of the LOTIS Committee of International Financial Services London (IFSL), a lobby group representing the UK financial industry. [2] In the coming months Brittan will be busily lobbying the European Commission on talks over liberalisation of services in the WTO (GATS 2000) that have just entered a second stage. WTO member states agreed on negotiating guidelines in the last week of March 2001.

    Shameless Moves As Yet Unchallenged

    Brussels seems to have already forgotten the scandal surrounding the demise of the Santer Commission and that of Industry Commissioner Martin Bangemann when he took up a top job at Telefónica in 1999. The European Parliament, which made such a noise over Bangemann’s new position two years ago, has been remarkably complacent about Brittan’s career moves since he left Brussels in September 1999.

    Lord Brittan became Vice-Chairman of the investment bank UBS Warburg just three months after quitting as Trade Commissioner [3], and joined the London-based international law consultancy Herbert Smith on 1 January 2000, as part-time consultant on World Trade Organisation (WTO) issues. [4] A few months later he was appointed Advisory Director at Unilever. [5]

    Old Boys Network

    Brittan took over the LOTIS Chairmanship from his long-standing ally Andfdrew Buxton. The working relationship of the two men dates from the days when Buxton (then Chairman of Barclays Bank) was lobbying Commissioner Brittan on behalf of the Financial Leaders Group (FLG) during the WTO Uruguay Round and during negotiation of the WTO Financial Services Agreement. Brittan has said that he “appreciated the input of the FLG in the run-up to and during the final stages of the WTO agreement on financial services in 1997. All this demonstrates how important it is for companies to be involved at the most senior level.”[6] In 1998, Brittan invited Buxton to set up the European Services Network (later renamed European Services Forum (ESF)) and the European Services Leaders Group (ESLG), a high profile pressure group modelled on the Financial Leaders Group, consisting of some 40 Chief Executive Officers from across the European services industry. [7]

  12. sovereigntea says:

    Malcolm Rifkind (Con)Edinburgh Pentlands 1974-97;Kensington and Chelsea 2005-10;Kensington 2010 –
    cousin of
    Leon Brittan (Con)Cleveland and Whitby 1974-83;Richmond (Yorks) 1983-88

    Current MPs related to other current or former Members of the House of Commons
    Parliamentary Information List

    Published 05 March 2014 | Standard notes SN04809

    Authors: Sarah Priddy

    Topic: Members of Parliament

    This list notes MPs who, as of February 2014, have family members who are also current or former Members of the House of Commons. This list contains all those currently known to the Commons Library. In-laws are not included and relationships more than four generations back are not noted.

  13. sovereigntea says:

    1Born Mark Daniel Ronson on September 4 1975 in London, he had a comfortable childhood. His mother is writer and socialite Ann Dexter-Jones while his father Laurence Ronson managed Bucks Fizz. He’s related to Conservative MPs Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Leon Brittan as well as Birmingham’s Oscar Deutsch, who founded the Odeon cinema chain. His uncle Gerald Ronson was jailed in 1990 for the Guinness share-trading fraud.

    2When his parents’ marriage broke up, his mother married Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones so Mark moved to New York at eight. He was tucked into bed by Robin Williams and had a sleepover with Michael Jackson, while his best friend was Sean Lennon.

  14. sovereigntea says:

    In a curious twist, Fiona Woolf sits on a board of trustees with Charles Falconer:

    Falconer also acts as a shady Mr Fix-It in the House of Lords along with Rothschild bumboy, Peter Mandelson.

    It’s highly likely they know all about the VIP abuse ring which has been operating within the UK for decades and may have lots of important information for investigating officers.

    Mandelson, Blair and Falconer were all neighbours of Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge who was implicated in the Islington care-home abuse rings.

    Hodge knows all about covering up for her political chums sick predilections.

    She is also personally responsible for bringing in disgusting changes to the Children’s Act which strengthened the power of social workers to steal children from loving families and throw them into abusive council-run homes.

    By a bizarre coincidence, her nephew Philip Edmonds, was holidaying at the same resort with Madeleine McCann just before she disappeared:

    Tony Blair went to school with political weirdo Charlie Falconer, who lives in Islington:

    ” The friendship between Tony Blair and Charles Falconer goes back 30 years to when they were both at school in Scotland. But they have always made a curious pair.”

    ” He and Blair first met as teenagers, in the latter’s room at Fettes”.

    ” Falconer’s Islington home was the venue for campaign meetings during Blair’s drive to become Labour leader, and shortly before the election.”

    ” Falconer is one of the least known members of the Blair circle. But his appointment to 14 ministerial committees last week as “the eyes and ears of the Prime Minister”, as one member of the Government put it, confirmed what everyone suspected. Lord Falconer, known affectionately at the Cabinet Office as “the man with his shirt hanging out”, is one of the most powerful and important men in Britain.”

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