UKIP another friend of Israel political party. Rothschild Zionists all over again in different colours.

sovereigntea said…

UKIP appear to be another sham party, a front for the israel lobby.

Brown noser Carswell kisses the arse of israel just like Cameron.

On Israel’s illegal squatter ‘settlements’ and the closure of Palestinian lands…

“What else is Israel supposed to do? Her actions are essentially defensive, not aggressive.”

On Israel’s illegal Separation Wall…

“The barrier needs to be built where it will provide security, not where we, using very outdated maps that take no account of an expansion, think it should go… Where there are disputes in Israel and Palestinians have objected to the siting of the barrier, there is judicial scrutiny. The process is not arbitrary. There is a mechanism that allows people who are concerned about where the barrier is being built to challenge the decision through the courts.”

He’s talking about Israeli courts, of course. Hasn’t Mr Carswell heard that the International Court of Justice in 2004 ruled that the Wall is illegal?


Carswell was reportedly part of a heated discussion in 2012 when thirty MPs belonging to the Conservative Friends of Israel accused the then foreign secretary William Hague of being part of a “bigoted” Foreign Office plot against Israel 

Carswell said Hague was “under the thumb” of “pro-Arabist” diplomats in the Foreign Office. “The Foreign Office displays a kind of bigotry towards Israel,” he said. “You are being one-sided and saying completely unacceptable things about a fellow democratic country.”
He was supported by other Israel flag-waving MPs including James Arbuthnot, who called on Hague not to “alienate” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom Hague had recently called “belligerent”, a mild enough description.
Hague snapped back: “The Foreign Office is not pro-Palestinian. I’ve never heard such claptrap.”
This might be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Agent Hague has himself been an adoring Friend of Israel since his schooldays and he played the fawning sycophant to the Zionist regime throughout his reign at the Foreign Office, always ranting about the importance of international law but never willing to apply it to Israel’s abhorrent crimes. And it was Hague who was largely responsible for ‘fixing’ our Laws of Universal Jurisdiction so that Israel’s war criminals can visit London without fear of arrest.
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11 Responses to “UKIP another friend of Israel political party. Rothschild Zionists all over again in different colours.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    UKIP have had a “friends of Israel” group for years, like the other whores of bankers. UKIP says Israel has an “impeccable human rights record” …. can UKIP explain the torture of Palestinian children? Can UKIP explain the use of white phosphorus in an urban area? Don’t vote for ANY PARTY. From the UKIP friends of Israel Facebook page.

    Authorised by the UKIP National Executive Committee in 2005, FOI in UKIP is committed to its joint aims of supporting Israel and promoting the policies of UKIP.Mission
    – To ensure that UKIP has a fully informed, comprehensive foreign policy.

    – To foster links between UKIP and the Jewish State by organising delegations to Israel.

    – To provide UKIP’s elected representatives with information relevant to Britain and Israel’s mutual security concerns.

    – To ensure that Israel gets a fair hearing in all forums in which UKIP is represented.

    Created by UN Resolution 181 in 1947, the State of Israel remains to date the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. It is also the world’s only Jewish state, surrounded and largely unrecognised by 21 Arab nations.

    Despite constant assault from within and without, Israel has maintained an impeccable human rights record and remains the only country in the Middle East to extend full civil ….. blah blah

  2. Anonymous says:

    more anti jewish claptrap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It doesnt matter who UKIP are freinds with all that matters is ‘out of the EU’. We cant trust Cameron as he is the biggest lier in politics for the last 100 years. Milliband wants us to stay in, so he’s a no no. Limp Dummys, well ??? what cant you say them— their finished !!! So the only alternative is an untried party UKIP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    John. 9.11pm Out of the EU is good, but into the arms of Jewmerica and Israel. Why do you think that voting will make a difference? Don’t you know that the Corporation of the City of London has more power than ANY POLITICAL PARTY?

  5. Anonymous says:

    We saw the Farage handshake in a recent article.
    Freemason all the way through just like the rest of them.
    Democracy is a sham, yet what else have we.
    Like John says, if only we can get out of the EU, maybe we can make democracy work.
    Dual Passport MP’s will be the death of us in the UK.

  6. Anonymous says:

    8:42 pm and 9:11 pm

    The use of the (yawn) anti-Semite/Jewish card, quite deliberate poor grammar, punctuation and misspelling, can’t disguise the rather piss-poor Zionist shill that you are.

    Nice try with the misspelling of the Jew Miliband – grandson of a mass murderer of Russian White Army Christians opposed to Communism for Trotsky and son of an illegal, Marxist theorist and left-leaning lunatic called Ralph, real name Adolphe. I can see why the name change.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ 9:39 pm Of course he/she knows. They want us to waste our time going down their sham democracy cul-de-sac while they quietly prepare for our final slaughter/annihilation. They’ve been found out and I hope they’re crapping themselves.

    Now that it’s blatantly obvious what’s going on, I would go as far as to say that anyone who takes part in their sham elections is a naive fool or a traitor. Nothing good for Gentiles can come from these Jew controlled elections.

    The very least we can do is to refuse to play their White Genocide game. It’s not that difficult. Just say NO.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ 9:47 pm

    “Dual Passport MP’s will be the death of us in the UK.”

    I don’t know of any MP that holds dual nationality by way of passports. By way of their black hearts, filthy minds and evil intent is another matter.

  9. shirlz007 says:

    ‘Sovereign Tea’ seems to be the real deal to me… (comments on aanirfan… I recommend James R (crimes of Empire)

    IT REALLY IS TIME TO STEO YOR GAME UP PEEPS! (gaza is annihilated, MH370 was a disgrace… MH17 has the potential to turn Europes cold war ‘Hot’…

    Im not the most likable, or most approachable (I HATE ALOT OF PEOPLE… including many of you) I don’t see the anything past ‘geo-politics’/Rothschild/Zionism…

    I lost a friend, and one of his children. in Gaza (two orphans)…
    The paedophile shit has driven to the brink suicide (im ashamed because I have no I cannot imagine the suffering)…


    tap (your going to have to differentiate between the truth and the bullshit… WE DON’T LIKE NOR TRUST GORDON BOWDON!… censor the idiots pal)
    … Kevin Annet is a fraud.

    Please… Im not going to tell you to disengage from the system… ENGAGE WITH IT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT!!!
    BECOME ‘ILLUMINATI’… change the game…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6:43, you are correct in what you say, the rot in the bnp started when the ex- Police and Military types began to have unelected positions of power.
    Gri££in was a Freemason and did what the Masters told him.
    I joined UKIP, despite being the only one under 50 years of age, and the only member wishing to stand in a local election.
    My election form was rejected because of being ex-bnp.
    In the small – print, is says all applications will be checked by the Board of Jewish Deputies.
    So UKIP are Bought and Paid For.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “It doesnt matter who UKIP are freinds with all that matters is ‘out of the EU’.”

    An old but still useful chestnut Anon 9.11: Out of the frying pan into the fire.

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