The world’s future energy requirement and supply explained in detail in twenty minutes

This scientist had a plausible technology
for turning every home into its own power
plant…including creating the energy needed
to power your car.

It was green, it was safe, it was sustainable
– and then Harvard hired him for big money
and now he’s stopped talking about it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Off Topic, left a comment yesterday about 30 Chemtrails over Doncaster UK.
    Today, Thursday we have 100% cloud cover and 200 yards visibility.
    There has to be a massive cost to these spraying operations, who paid for it ??

  2. A10Sean says:

    Similar story West of Edinburgh …

  3. A10Sean says:

    So he is talking about splitting water into O2 and H2 – in a plastic device – then using the manufactured O2 and H2 in a fuel cell or battery which is also fed by solar inputs ?

    Can anyone make it clearer ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Same N. Ireland. Deep blue sky tuesday, trails wednesday, hazy washed-out sky today. Rumoured to be aluminium nano-particles to reflect sunlight. Aluminum also linked to alzheimers’ disease. Fits in with depopulation theories and recent euthanasia proponents. No need for long-lived “human resources” when the economy now seems to be based on printing money instead of taxation. Of course it could all be cobblers – someone needs to fly through an alleged chem trail and collect a sample to see if it’s ice crystals or metal particles.

  5. A10Sean says:

    check out

    He says that commercial planes ( easy jet and the likes ) are retrofitted with pipes , and there are tanks fitted inside . Should be easier to confirm that than trying to get a sample in the sky.

    This is a departure from the claim that it is a US AF / Nato operation. We are not at the bottom of the chemtrail story yet . Only thing I can say with confidence , is that I have not been able to rule it out as a hoax.

    If we could confirm that it was being done – we could then proceed to figure out why.

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