The things David Cameron’s friends are doing to civilians in Ukraine

For those who think that Aidar Battalion extremists don’t commit atrocities against civilians, the following is from the OSCE site:
“He said members of the 24th Aidar Battalion – already at the centre of accusations of human rights abuses in the northern Luhansk region (see SMM daily reports of 8 August,of 11 August, 14 August) – after detaining him at a checkpoint, had accused him of separatism and had threatened to kill him, unless his wife paid over USD 10,000. She did so, whereupon he was released the same day, he said. The SMM observed that the man’s head was heavily swollen, bloody and bruised and that he had bruises and smaller wounds on his arms and legs.”

Link to the full article:

This inhumane scum are the real terrorists. This is why the people of Donbass rose up against battalions like Aidar/Azov/Dnepr and the illegitimate Kiev junta which sends them to Novorossiya.

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3 Responses to “The things David Cameron’s friends are doing to civilians in Ukraine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    the jews must be evicted from every country they infest
    for gods sake obama bomb israel

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if this latest Zionist occupation of a sovereign nation in the heart of Europe, isn’t their desperate Khazaria Plan B for when the Zionist bloodthirsty occupation of Palestine finally and inevitably comes to an end after it is jointly slammed with the Fists of God and God-fearing Humanity.

    Khazars are non-Semitic, godless, Satan-worshipping, counterfeit-Jew creatures whose destiny is Hell and who have made this World our Hell. Every single Zionist on Earth and friend of this despotic fake-state entity also deserves to rot in Hell and surely will.

    We don’t deserve to survive if we let these Zionist disciples of Satan get away with the enormity of what they have done to the Children of Palestine in particular (and Germans lest we forget) but Mankind in general. And so it shall be written. Amen

  3. Anonymous says:

    They simply don’t care anymore. We are sitting ducks now. This is coming to a town near you. They need cutting off at the waist and left to hang for a long time. These murderous scum and their puppets must be stopped. The whole world needs to come together now or humanity is gone.

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