The many gains made by the perpetrators of 9/11

Bankers, Spooks and 9/11

9/11 was nothing if not a multi-purpose job.
The fascists got to turn the US into a police state – and make a fortune in the process.
The weapons makers got a super bonus.
Dirt bag politicians who couldn’t get re-elected as dog catchers got to pose as statesmen.
Oil companies got to triple and more the price of a barrel of crude.
Israel got the US war machine unleashed on its enemies and was granted further leave to savagely 
abuse the Palestinians whose lands they stole.
Even the Twin Tower’s owners got a break. The Twin Towers were packed with asbestos that made the 
buildings technically in violation of the building code. Abatement would have been financially impossible.
 9/11 solved that problem.
9/11 also solved another problem.
It made hundreds of employees of various brokerage houses who were privy to some massively dirty 
financial dealings disappear – permanently. The explosion at the Pentagon also eliminated some 
troublesome human resources problems: high level fraud investigators hot on the trail of a massive case.
If you want to trace the claims made in this video, you can do that here: references for black 911

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5 Responses to “The many gains made by the perpetrators of 9/11”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “the fascists turned the USA into a police state “
    back in the 30s lord Rothschild said both the USA and Britain will be communist by the year 2000
    and the banks are working well towards this goal.
    Rothschilds vision has indeed been acheived, albeit a little late
    Briatin and the USa broke and penniless while rothschild and co have more of our money than they can ever spend

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another strange fact is why all the Top Women of the World were in New York at the same time as 9-11.
    To name some of them, Michell Obama, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Cameron, Miriam Clegg, Lynne Cheney, Juliet Wheldon, Laureen Harper, Bernardine Dohrn, Lyn Rothschild, Kristine Marcy, Sarah Fergusson Marina Johnson, Rebekah Brooks, Heather Mills, and many more.
    Any ideas anyone.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Heather Mills you must be joking.

  4. dublinsmick says:

    911 with a different perspective.

    Can you hear it?

    There has never been a single happening in the world of men that has so graphically unveiled the inner workings of the Global Control Matrix.

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