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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou for this tap, the whole basis of the rothschild octopuss, Rupert Murdock, David Cameron Ed Millipede,clinton Bush and
    Up-Your-bumma, the wars on iraq syria afghanistan libya and the horrors of palestine all hinge on the lie of the holocaust
    and the robber bankers who plunder our countries by the day know this.
    Please see Ernst Zundell
    David Irving
    Robert faurisson all truth tellers who suffered for what they gave us

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so brilliant and so good to read this.
    No mention though of Bishop Williamson who went through miles of vatican archives reading through documents and letters from catholics and preists in the camps. He also went through the RAMC archives and the Russian orthodox church files, and when he said the holocuast was not what we were told he was telling the truth, i know some jews admit now it was a hoax buta necessary one at that time
    but the insistence of 6 million jews, and no mention of anyone else shows the jews hateful and racist midset

  3. Anonymous says:

    To slavishly and unquestionably believe in the Holocaust™ myth is to live a monumental lie, and believing such a gross and evil distortion of fact – while often at the same time demonising the real (German) victims – is tantamount to hating all that is good and truthful in the world.

    Such people are worse than those who perpetuate this easily discredited Hoax of Hoaxes, as without such dupes, the whole rotten, stinking Zionist edifice and conjoined Holohoax industry would come crashing down and be trampled to death by the enraged Gentile masses.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i really like the comments but 11.57 you speak for us all
    thankyou and henry

  5. Anonymous says:

    Holohoax, Holohoax, every where,
    And all the minds did shrink;
    Holohoax, Holohoax, every where,
    Nor any dupe to think.

    To wake up one morning and realise one is a Holocaust Denier, finally free from the enslaving yoke and guilt trip that the Zionists have cunningly and with pure evil intent placed Ancient Mariner albatross-like around Gentile necks, is to wake up FREE!

    One should shout it from the rooftops as it is a well earned badge of honour to discover such a well hidden TRUTH! Make no mistake, Truth is God and as Gandhi said: There is no God higher than Truth.

    Mel Gibson playing William Wallace in Braveheart, sums it up in one final word before meeting his Maker: FREEDOM!

    Braveheart – Freedom 0:12

    Of course it was Mel Gibson who called a Jew a Spade which brought the usual condemnation from the usual suspects. They wouldn’t touch his Passion of the Christ movie with a circumcised bargepole so he made it himself with $30 million of his own and made an astonishing $611,899,420 at the box office alone. Several Hollywood Jews committed suicide or were suicided as a result.

    Every Easter, ‘Passion’ makes millions of dollars more for Gibson Inc in DVD sales and the Jewish suicide rate steps up a gear for some strange reason. It’s only money for Christ’s sake! This is the Real Holocaust! There are more Jewish deaths as a result of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ and their decision to boycott the movie than ever died in war-ravaged Europe. God certainly works in mysterious ways.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “God certainly works in mysterious ways” makes you worse than the people you hate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow 7 comments and everyone in favour, its the occasional gem like this makes it all worthwhile
    thankyiu henry and all 7 commenters in favour
    long live the truth

  8. Anonymous says:

    A few years ago Frederick Tobin now an Australien citizen whom I believe was born in Germany(holo haux denier) was on his way back home after a visit to the USA ,his plane was not supposed to land in the UK ,but once over UK airspce the plane was forced to land at Heathrow,the passengers were told the plane needed to refuel.

    Once the plane touched down the British police rushed the plane and dragged poor Richard from the plane,he was carted off to Wandsworth prison ,where he was held for several weeks ,he had been arrested and taken from the plane for …………yes you guessed right HOLO-HAUX denial.

    His crime had been to visit SO CALLED GAS CHAMBERS…….which he had pointed out/proved could not have been so called gas chambers.

    Anyway after several weeks in Wandsworth ,and visits from we friends ,Richard was released and sent on his way,bless him for revealing the truth about the holo-haux

  9. Anonymous says:

    frederic tobin is one of my all time heros, a wonderful man
    he jews treated him with great evil, look at what they did here henry

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you had visited him in Wandsworth,you would have cried for him,it was heartbreaking to visit him an innocent man,being held against his will ,not knowing what the future held.


  11. Anonymous says:

    @ 3:21 pm I’m not sure what you mean by ‘worse than’ those I (am supposed to) hate – as you put it – but I’ll give a reply a try.

    The notion that ‘God is Love’ is also a Jewish myth like their Unholy Hollywood Holohoax Bollox. God is nothing of the kind but instead, is the ultimate force in unforgiving. He certainly doesn’t forgive or forget child killers and must have something extra special in the heavenly post for counterfeit created Israel – a bastard, bandit, pariah Israel explicitly forbidden by God in the Jewish Torah. It’s not like God isn’t fair and just about these things. He did warn them after all?

    God doesn’t ask much of us in this earthly life – least of all going into one of these Zionist Occupation Churches to effectively worship the devil. God doesn’t want to be worshipped for Christ’s sake! What stupidity is that?

    Good and Evil are born into every man and woman and neither Good or Evil like Energy can ever be destroyed but only controlled/suppressed. Only One Man(sic) ever succeeded in destroying Evil born within Him which gave Jesus Christ His Divinity. Most of us who consider ourselves ‘Good’ are not fit to lick His feet and don’t measure one of one percent of how Good Jesus Christ was.

    We are not born to die but born to serve mankind and make a difference. Whether by Good or Evil makes no difference. It’s OUR ultimate and God-given choice.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This truth needs to be remembered throughout the future….They have played with the history of this planet for centuries. This evil Zionist thorn in the side of humanity has cost Millions of lives through their illegal wars, it must be archived and held up as the ultimate lie. Our future generations must be made aware of the evil that is trying to rule this planet…Someone needs to record all of this for the sake of sanity. The good work of honest men must never be forgotten or covered up again!! The truth is finally out despite all of their manipulations. They are named and shamed forever and cast into the pit.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Just watched “a tribute to Babara Striesand” on Sky arts (Rupert Murdoch) absolutely fantastic. I’m not homosexual a pedophile or a Jew but it was brilliant. Let’s celebrate entertainment.

  14. Anonymous says:

    @ 6:06 thanks for your reply. Sums it all up mate, cheers

  15. Anonymous says:

    At the end of the day whatever the rights and wrongs of Haulahoax, someone allowed it to happen.
    Freemasons were in charge of the Nuremberg Trials, mainly Jewish Freemasons.
    Freemasons were leading all the Armies.
    Freemasons were running all the Media.
    Freemasons were in charge of the Law Courts.
    In fact nothing has changed, only time has moved on.
    Freemasons are the root of all evil.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yep and Hitler had bad press, you couldn’t make it up. Oh you do.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @6.06 yours are a strange choice of words.

    God most certainly is Love this is evident throughout both Old and New Testament and is very much a message for our time.

    The phrase was raised in 1 John 4.8 and is not therefore Jewish myth as the Jews rejected Christianity which is most certainly not a vehicle for secular Judaism.

    I do know God is going to judge those who take advantage of orphans (Malachi 3.5) for starters.

    Indeed the warnings are there for all to see – just read the gospel of John.

    Indeed many churches today are ZO (Zionist occupied). Such is the problem with organised religion.

    God wants mankind to be His friends, it was the whole purpose for creating man.

    All men are sinners but we can turn around and do what God would have us do which is to Love Him and our neighbor: Jesus words in Luke 10.27 etc.

    Don’t know about licking feet but the reference is probably in relation to untying his sandals: John 1.27 etc.

    I’ll conclude with my understanding which is we are born to determine whether we shall rule in eternity with our creator or be expelled as of no use.

    There is wheat and there is chaff. Each one has the opportunity to decide themselves which they should be, such is what free will is about…sadly the chaff constitutes the bulk…

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