Tap Blog goes through 10 million page downloads

The Tap Blog has clocked up a fair bit of traffic of late, hitting 500,000 page downloads in the month only recently.  The regulars send in excellent material most days, Gordon, Ned, Harriet, HETT, Colin, David, WASP and many others too numerous to mention.  Thank you all for your sendings.  I usually only have time to post the chosen articles and rarely send a thank you letter.  I’m on call from the kitchen every few minutes and have to rush the jobs needed to keep the blog going.

I’ve had no luck getting organised with a different format.  The fracking battle takes up a lot of time once I’m out of the house.  

I must get back to the agency who said they were doing a new format for me.  It must be three months since we last spoke.  Other peoples’ blogs are not highly desirable things to manage, it appears.  Lots to do and not much in the earnings department, or even nil.  In my idealistic folly, I imagined that people would be motivated like me just to get the message out.  I’ve never found anyone yet who is so motivated to assist.  They all like their cut of flesh, unfortunately, even when they clearly take a feed of valuable information from the blog to help build up their strategic thinking.

Everyone should give what they have to fight these battles.  Or we ain’t gonna make it, basically.  By the time there’s money in exposing corruption, it’s become corruption itself.  

Total Pageviews Since June 2010

Sparkline 10,036,185

Here are Google’s figures for what they are worth.  We also get a lot of Facebook exposure which is not included in the figures, and some mirroring onto other blogs.  Either way, it’s worth the bother.

Not to mention that I’m in this just as much for what I find out myself, as for what we send out.  Everyone and anyone can ‘tap’ in, or at least when the shills are blocking the pathway.  Most people who can’t scroll down the page or can’t get a comment through can do so by persevering.

And finally, thanks to David Cameron for instructing the RAF to set about bombing bloggers who dedicate their time to the alternative news distribution.  It’s really gratifying to at last get some solid recognition for what we do.  It seems that Russia is joining in with us now in telling the world exactly how our trusted leaders betray our trust on a daily basis.


9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

2 Responses to “Tap Blog goes through 10 million page downloads”

  1. NPP says:

    Oh TAP, you are welcome. Love being involved here.

    Painting and listening to…
    Part 1: John Lash & Thomas Sheridan Handling Psychopaths Human Predators

    Next I will listen to..
    Part 2: John Lash Thomas Sheridan Handling the Psychopath Human Predators:

    Funny, it was Chloe George who referenced Thomas Sheridan and I’m already a fan of John lamb Lash.

    Thinking about it: it is fascinating Camoron mentioned 9/11 Truthers being the equivalent to ISIS terrorists. It was a desperate, silly comment. They are cracking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME finger on the pulse reading as always

    Keep up all the good work TAP

    Amazing stats when you consider its all against the tide Google is blocking so many key words topics etc



    Especially considering:-

    Sat, Sept 27, 2014
    Cameron states – ‘9/11 and 7/7 truthers must be eliminated just like ISIS’. NPP.


    The truth –> Bulls eye


    Ebola +++ see 10:00 Domascus strain

    Weaponised spanish flu with Ebola !!!!

    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report September 26 2014 Full Podcast
    Hagmann & Hagmann Podcast


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