Syrian girl – ISIS/Al Qaeda are Wahabi, a cult which emerged only 100 years ago, quoting the Hadib to justify their actions, not the Koran

Stinger missiles in the hands of jihadists, as US donates half a billion. The claim to Syrian lands by Jihadists implies displacing people who’ve lived there thousands of years. Their claims might later include parts of Europe. They believe they’re taking over the world. 

 It’s not Islamic in any way. It’s Wahabi, a cult which only emerged a hundred years ago. They read the Hadib, not even the Koran, to justify their actions to create a Wahabi state. These groups are in no way secular. 

If the US wanted to defeat ISIS, they wouldn’t be destabilising Syria and Iraq. Turkey is a NATO member taking orders from the US. They should be strengthening Iraq and Syria, not strengthening ISIS via Turkey and Jordan, and not strengthening these groups against Syria and Iraq. 

Moslems are suffering the most, and dying the most. ISIS is backed by the US , and their allies, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

Reach Syrian girl on Twitter or Syrian Girl on Youtube.

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