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Stop Iraq War 3 – an appeal to our supporters

Dear supporter

As you will be aware, Britain has begun its third war on Iraq this weekend. After Parliament’s vote on Friday, British Tornado jets have joined the US and other countries in bombing Iraq. It is clear from the parliamentary discussion firstly that this intervention will spread into Syria (as is already happening with the US), and that it is seen as a lengthy and protracted campaign. 

This bombing will do nothing to halt the spread of Isis, which itself is at least partly a product of the instability and sectarianism caused by previous interventions. It will kill many civilians, and it will help to increase the threat of terrorism.

Stop the War campaigners have been out this weekend against this third Iraq War. Stop the War has called a demonstration for this Saturday October 4th in London, assembling 1pm at Temple tube. 

We are asking you to support this and other protests. While public opinion is at present in favour of this intervention, we believe that it can change, but to do that we need protests and meetings, as well as materials spelling out our case. 

All of this costs money. Even one demonstration costs thousands of pounds. We know that many of you have given generously in the past, but we would like to ask you to do so again if you possibly can.

We do not have the rich financial backers that the warmongers do. But rest assured that every penny we receive will be put to good use in opposing this war. 

You can donate to our appeal by telephone 020 7561 4830 or online. Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to Stop the War Coalition to 86 Durham Road, London N7 7DT.

Best wishes

Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition

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9 Responses to “Stop The War”

  1. Surely this would be providing funding for the purposes of aiding terrorism? Or is that paying taxes?

    If it was the ‘Stop The Government’ coalition, it might be worth a few quid, cos that would actually stop the war. ‘Protesting’ to the mafia about their crimes is a waste of time and money.

    Only a legitimate, lawful government gives a crap what the people think. This one isn’t and doesn’t.

    Democracy is a fraud. Government is a fraud. Wake up people.

    Might as well say these things now – before Dave & Theresa ban all independent thought.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i like what the veritopian says
    every time the people mobilise the government squashes it
    look at the national front, people were queuing all round the blocks all day to join up, ruined by government same with the BNP
    how long before they trash UKIP
    but we must do something

  3. Thx Anonymous. 🙂
    First we need to know the truth. It’s only because people believe things that are FALSE that this is happening.

    Government does not, and never did exist. It’s an illusion, a magic trick, it’s hocus-pocus….

    If everyone realised that: Consent is always required, and the only way to give consent is Contract, then obviously:

    a) ‘Government’ is a monumental fraud, a criminal cabal, a paedo-mafia of perverts and thugs.
    b) All their law is *fraud* it never was legitimate.
    c) They’ve always ruled by force, not by justice or right.
    d) Democracy is a fraud. Voting is a fraud.

    They *pretend* to be Jews, and hide behind that facade, but they’re Illuminists (Satanists).

    The only thing that makes sense is to demand they’re all arrested for fraud, and every other crime under the sun… If the police don’t comply, citizens-arrest them too… Keep going til you find an honest policeman, and make him chief.

    I’m not doing it on my own though. I’m far too much of a pussy. 🙂

  4. wasp says:

    The truth is that very few people are capable of recognising the truth, much less of understanding it. They prefer to hide behind pseudo truths, which to them fit the popularist misconceptions they believe in.

    The truth is very simple if you consider all the evidence, & don’t distort the analysis, leading to the final interpretation, you will see the truth, glaring you in the face.

    The truth is immutable, it is a Universal Unchanging Fact, that can not be altered by human intervention, & thus always present in past tense. When all the evidence fits together, as would the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle then that which has lead you to this stage in your quest, will be the answer.

    So you will have found the truth.

    This is the stage that sorts the men out from the boy’s.
    because the truth is that The Jesuits are the Ace Shit Stirrers, throughout history, who mask their candestine activities by fronting them with pseudo jews, but the “BRAIN DEAD” have the inability to understand this, & latch on to their childish interpretation, which bears no resemblanc to the Truth.

    Paloma Faith released a recording called: –

    Do You Want To Hear The Truth, Or Somthing Beautifull.




  5. Anonymous says:

    Englands CAMORON’s not Bitter

    the lizard did not puurrrrrrrr

    Maggie’s nightmare returns with avengeance

    conservatives never forget and will pulverize a massive section of Scottish VOTERS

    here now with the zeal of ISRAEL on Gaza

    Thousands chased for unpaid poll tax after registering to vote in independence referendum

    Thousands of people who registered to vote in the independence referendum are now being chased for unpaid poll tax dating back over 20 years.

    Many local authorities are taking advantage of the high registration levels to claw back historic arrears.

    Some councils are even trawling through old records to trace unpaid poll tax.


  6. Anonymous says:

    the truth is that you delete comments.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Anon 7:15
    That’s just a humanity hating Agenda 21 statistic. They really don’t give a toss about wildlife – that’s just for shooting innit Nazi-Phil?

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