Stop buying into the terror pumping out on the media every day. Here’s why it’s there. John Lash.

Why did Christianity destroy all the previously known history of mankind contained in books and clay tablets?  What did the creators of the Judaeo-Christian world not want us to know?  What other beings are there in the frame that play upon the human race, which have been hidden from us?  What is their agenda?   The Gnostics had knowledge which we need to rediscover.  

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    A new book Scenes From School Life, written by Israelis Idan Yaron and Yoram Harpaz, is based on three-year “anthropological observations” of students in a secular high school – “the most average school we could find,” said Harpaz.
    A 10th grade female student in the study expressed revulsion towards “these Ishmaelites”, referring to the original Palestinians who are supposedly Israeli citizens.

    “For me, personally, Arabs are something I can’t look at and can’t stand… I’m ready to kill someone with my hands,” she said.
    The Israeli researchers quoted another student who learned from his synagogue on Shabbat that: “Aravim zeh erev rav (Arabs are a rabble) and Amalek, and there is a commandment to kill them all.”

    The professors observed that a Jewish student in the ninth grade objected to her classmates’ opinion, stating: “The desire for revenge will only foment a cycle of blood… certainly they (Palestinians) don’t all deserve to die.”

    As a result, the pupil was tormented and accused of being an “Arab lover and leftist”. During the break, students taunted her chanting: “Fie, fie, fie, the Arabs will die.” Racism in Israel is not an exception, but the social norm.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language
    The New York Times described the decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphs as “one of the great stories of twentieth century scientific discovery.” Tragically, this decipherment was only necessary because of a one-man Spanish Inquisition, a deliberate, decades-long campaign by a single Catholic priest to destroy the Mayan language and culture. The priest, Diego de Landa, wiped out all knowledge of the written language, and nearly destroyed the spoken language too.

    Diego de Landa’s one-man inquisition perfectly illustrates the power of the Intolerance Meme, an idea that evolved in the Jewish religion a few centuries before the birth of Jesus, and was taken up with a vengeance by Christians in the third and fourth centuries AD. The Intolerance Meme declares that not only is Yahweh the only god, but in addition, anyone who worships other gods is committing a sin. The Intolerance Meme justifies all sorts of atrocities in Yahweh’s name: Murder, slavery, forced conversion, suppression and destruction of other religions, racism, and many other immoral acts.

  3. sovereigntea says:


    GLOBSEC has a unique program of corridor diplomacy based on side meetings and focused bilateral and multilateral policy sessions. Ministers of foreign affairs and defence, deputy ministers and representatives of political elites, businesses and experts use GLOBSEC as a platform for sharing new ideas and for transforming them into political decisions. Ad-hoc organized informal and side meetings have become an integral part of this event where comprehensive and far-reaching solutions are being born. GLOBSEC is the place where great ideas and strategic vision of a community are being transformed into real features of the transatlantic agenda.

    07.05.2014, 14:26


    Creating real impact does not mean discussing international security and world politics exclusively in the conference hall. It means giving the opportunity and platform to high-profile politicians, diplomats, business leaders, academics and think-tank experts to continue their debates aside, behind closed doors. More than 60 side meetings and negotiations annually enrich the GLOBSEC agenda – making it a unique place of informal communication.


    GLOBSEC puts Central Europe on the map of transatlantic thinking. Regional dimension of the Forum is emphasized by the participation of highest level decision- -makers from the Visegrad Group and wider Central European region alongside their Euro-Atlantic partners. GLOBSEC moves the region from the periphery to the core of transatlantic policy shaping, giving Central Europe a respected voice in the creation of the transatlantic agenda.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Dr. Jamie Shea at the WJC Strategic Planning Session, Brussels, 27-28 April 2010

    Dr. Jamie Shea, Director of Policy Planning, NATO: ‘The Growing Global Threat of
 Islamic Terrorism’


    Jamie Shea

    Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges
    NATO, Brussels
    Jamie Shea

    Jamie Shea is NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges. He has been working with NATO since 1980. Positions included Director of Policy Planning in the Private Office of the Secretary General, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for External Relations, Public Diplomacy Division, Director of Information and Press, Spokesman of NATO and Deputy Director of Information and Press, Deputy Head and Senior Planning Officer at the Policy Planning and Multilateral Affairs Section of the Political Directorate as well as Assistant to the Secretary General of NATO for Special Projects.

    Jamie Shea is involved with several prominent academic institutions and acts as Professor of the Collège d’Europe, Bruges, Visiting Lecturer in the Practice of Diplomacy, University of Sussex, Associate Professor of International Relations at the American University, Washington DC, where he also holds the position of Director of the Brussels Overseas Study Programme, and lectures at the Brussels School of International Studies at the University of Kent.

    He is also a regular lecturer and conference speaker on NATO and European security affairs and on public diplomacy and political communication and lobbying. He holds a D.Phil. in Modern History from Oxford University (Lincoln College), 1981. Jamie Shea is Member of the Advisory Board, Security and Defence Programmes at Chatham House, Member of the Policy Council at the World Economic Forum in Geneva and Founder and Member of the Board, Security and Defence Agenda Brussels.

  5. Anonymous says:

    lets hope that in 70 years time jewish war criminals will be arrested for what they do in palestine

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ 5:56 pm

    The Longest Hatred


    In 1905, Lenin [Ulyanov] wrote in The Two Tactics of Social Democracy: “Ally yourselves with one of your enemies against another, and destroy them one by one.” This has always been the policy of Jews.

    In 1952 Rabbi Rabinovitch addressed a conference of European Rabbis in Bucharest behind closed doors—but his speech was leaked:

    “… Our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War Three.. the Third World War will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all the wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against the Gentiles”

    In Le Contemporair, July 1st 1860, Rabbi Reichorn wrote: “We shall drive the Christians into wars by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving place to our people”.

    Colonel A.H. Lane wrote in his privately-published [1938] book The Hidden Hand: “In order to bring about Jewish World Domination it is necessary from time to time to engender wars so that the most virile and patriotic men are killed or crippled physically or mentally”.

    Clemanceau, French leader during the First World War, arrived at exactly the same conclusion. In a little book entitled A Pied Sinai he wrote: “The Semitic race has a programme for the extermination of other races and the peopling of the whole earth with their own blood. Their zeal for this cause is such that in comparison with this, nothing else matters at all. To this cause no sacrifice is too great, no suffering too terrible”.

    Kurt Kerlen, a spokesman for General Ludendorff, commander of the German Army in the First World War, wrote of “the skill” by which Jewry is able to divide white nations so that they cut each others’ throats for Jewry’s gain. (He was quoted in Nesta Webster’s book Boche and Bolshevik).

    In his book The Hidden Tyranny Benjamin Freedman claimed that the Jews prevented the First World War from ending in 1916 when a German peace offer was on the table at the British War Cabinet and needed only one signature to end the carnage: “Great Britain would have quickly accepted Germany’s October 1916 peace offer if the World Zionist Organisation had not interfered. The British War Cabinet was then taking their instructions from Talmudist Jews in London”.

    Numerous Jewish sources have admitted that they were behind the two World Wars. The Jewish World of London, dated 16th January 1919 declared: “International Judaism forced Europe into war, not only to seize a large part of the gold (paid out in armaments and their seizing of the gold bullion in Russia), but to start a new ‘Jewish World’ with the help of this gold”.

    A prominent London Jew, Dr. Oscar Levy, wrote: “We Jews, who have posed as Saviours of the World, are today nothing but the World’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners”. Dr. Levy wrote the preface to a book by George Pitt-Rivers (1920) entitled The World Significance of the Russian Revolution.

    The fratricidal wars of this century, coloured immigration, the erosion standards and values, the promotion of perversion and degeneracy in all its forms, the corruption and debasement of music, art and literature is all part of the same programme: The annihilation of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic people of Britain, the incorporation of the British nation into a One World Government controlled by the very people behind all the mischief and carnage of the 20th century.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Micahel Hoffman “Judaism’s Strange Gods” explains it all. The Jewish Talmud is the root of all evil. Look up Jeff Rense also “Talmud, facts are facts”. Non-jews are cattle, worthless Goyim according to Talmudic jews.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Joan Rivers In Critical Condition

    – An Obama Hit Or Another ……/joan-rivers-in-critical-condition-an-obama-hit-or-a…

    Aug 28, 2014 – Legendary comedian and actress Joan Rivers has been rushed to the hospital after she … video ONLY 10 days ago that Rivers would be the next female illuminati sacrifice! … how about “that’s what happens when you’re 187 years old”? … She will be as dead as a doorbell soon …. just like Letetta Fuddy.


  9. Anonymous says:


    The Steady Drip: Joan Rivers In Critical Condition – An ……/…

    6 days ago – Legendary comedian and actress Joan Rivers has been rushed to the hospital … ONLY 10 days ago that Rivers would be the next female illuminati sacrifice! …. those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be … Doctors Are the Third Leading Cause of Death …. January (81).


  10. Anonymous says:

    If you believe any of this stuff, you a just a total mongo.
    Where do you get this s**t from TAP?

    “Why did Christianity destroy all the previously known history of mankind contained in books and clay tablets?”

    What is this complete nonesense?

    I’m beginning to think that TAP is just a Mason, tasked with controlling his bit of the the wwwblog-world and spreading ANY rubbish and nonesense about to cuase as much confusion and chaos as possible.

    Tell people ANYTHING but the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    And what is this ‘Archons’ rubbish. That’s just for morons and school-age reads who don’t any better.

    And how do I know this?

    Because since this blog was started TAP has come into amazing truth and info, every day.

    Has TAP’s position, stance, belief-system, worldview changed at all as a result of this?

    No. Nothing. Still banging on about off-world nonesense.

    There’s your proof. Any genuine seeker of truth snf knowledge would have been changed by all this info. Not Tap, the Masonic plant.


  11. Tapestry says:

    I am not a joiner of Masonry, religions or anything else, thanks (I know who you are!). That leaves me free to express opinions and explore whatever I like. At no point have I made any statement that Jesus Christ was not the son of God. How could I? I never met him, and have no leads as yet about his role in history. The religion which placed him at its core, however, I believe to be highly manipulated and a corruption of whatever message he gave. You get what it pleases the Roman Empire that you hear – on this topic and on everything else. Why be afraid of exploring historical evidence if you believe that his word is the core of all understanding. It’s not logical. Truth existed before the year zero AD/BC. By getting to understand the hidden truth of all times, his role should become clearer to me and everyone else. Why fear that it’s got to be a negative outcome? Be positive.

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