State Troopers to use roadblocks to enforce vaccination. Weaponised flu and ebola to be deliberately spread. Martial Law is the forerunner to world war.

Families to be held hostage (Protective custody) at roadblocks.  Children separated from parents.  Men on one bus.  Women on another.

If you refuse to submit, you will be quarantined indefinitely, until you submit, or you die.  They will deliberately spread viral infections – including weaponised flu and ebola – the Damascus strain.

Army infectious disease Labs are involved, keeping their research secret.  They have a subterranean community, well stocked to survive a catastrophe taking place on the surface.  EMP could be part of the equation, destroying the electricity grid.  Pandemic releases are being planned.

The Global Fund received $560 million from Bill Gates to develop vaccines for tuberculosis, HIV and ebola, and distribute worldwide.  These vaccinations could all be mandatory.  Bill Gates is the major player in this campaign.  His wife is speaking to UN world health committee.

90% lethality from ebola in Africa.  The US population will be stampeding to get vaccinated when ebola starts.  They’ll exaggerate the incidence.  They won’t even need to make it mandatory as people will be demanding it in panic.

It’s possible there’s already an outbreak in Oregon.

The dawn of a new darkness is coming – moves towards martial law.  Interstates to be closed.  Electricity grid to be closed.  All in minutes.  Whole sectors of population will be quarantined.

150 million gun owners will try to fight their way out of quarantined areas.  All a bit panicky stuff.

The security forces have been training for five years to implement martial law.  You will be do as you’re told or you’ll be terminated. No discussion.  No debate will be tolerated.

The vaccines could well be chipped so your compliance can be easily checked.  The rule of law will be gone.  They depend on the ignorance of the population.  You do not have to obey an illegal order.  (Nuremberg)

Many soldiers, police will bug out and refuse to kill other US citizens.  They will form guerrilla groups to stop the NWO from annihilating the whole population.  There’ll be a good coterie of people who will be fighting back.

What has persuaded all the military high command to become Satanist supporters?  All recently retired are trying to bring the programmes to a halt.  It is coming down to armed resistance by the people.  It will come to that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the East West Berlin wall

    some 6000 escaped


    some hundreds were lethally SHOT.

    many spies turned people in also.

    so shit does happen

    so sad



  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds more like a film plot than real life. Not going to happen!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another thing that is not going to happen is “soldiers and police” forming guerrilla groups to fight back against the NWO.
    No military/police/militia are going to do anything to challenge the status quo. They’ve had ample opportunity and reason to do so in the past, but they did nothing. Expect more of the same.

  4. Anonymous says:

    First Ebola case diagnosed in the US
    BBC News ‎- 3 minutes ago
    The first case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on US soil has been confirmed in Dallas, Texas. Officials at Texas Health Presbyterian …

    30 September 2014 Last updated at 23:36

    First Ebola case diagnosed in the US


  5. Anonymous says:

    29 September 2014 Breaking News UN Israel Speech ISIS ISIL HAMAS Hezbullah terrorism


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