something fishy about ISIS

NY Times: ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of Varied MediaBy SCOTT SHANE and BEN HUBBARD

ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is using every contemporary mode of messaging to recruit fighters, intimidate enemies and promote its claim to have established a caliphate.


Where exactly is this ISIS (IIbased? Where do they sleep? Where do they do their banking? How did they pay for their fleet of pick-up trucks and sophisticated weaponry? How are they feeding and re-equipping their fighters? Where do their injured fighters get medical treatment?

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8 Responses to “something fishy about ISIS”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The CIA fund freind and foe alike, because by conflict they can keep the military budget on top notch
    same as MI5 over here, all the mulim militants you see work for them
    they are paid to demonstarte like that
    most mulims laugh at them as they know they are fake

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure they are CIA or at least on their side.

  3. Anonymous says:

    according to ahmud hussein who was caught by them and escaped the commmanders talk on their phones in yiddish, now that tells me a lot

  4. sovereigntea says:

    They get medivac to & hospital treatment in israel LOL whodunnit ?

    Idiot leader Cameron makes another gaff Doh ! Under his dumb plan Tory MP Brookes Newmark would have lost his passport after meeting terrorist leaders in Syria ho ho ho.

    David Cameron’s plan to block British-born jihadists fighting with the Islamic State (IS) from re-entering the UK are in tatters, as he acknowledged that rendering citizens stateless would contravene international law.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isis is a Sun God, all Freemasons worship the Sun.
    So we don’t have to look far to see who the Terrorists really are.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    David Cameron as Bozo The Clown

    Mockery is the hardest thing for any political whore to counter.

    ISIS Goddess of Magic:

    After Ra created all things, Isis tricked him by creating a serpent which ambushed Ra on his daily journey across the heavens. The serpent bit Ra, who was powerless to undo the poison. Isis announced that she could heal Ra from the poison and destroy the serpent, but would only do so if Ra revealed his True Name as payment. By learning his True Name, Isis was able to gain power over Ra.


  7. Anonymous says:

    This is like a big sick joke !! we know who funds them and rules all governments. The ones saying no to the BANKERS are being bombed or terrorised, This has gone on for eons now. Slowly raping and pillaging until only a few stand in their way.It is a world theatre and we are all laughing at this farce of a cover up that is falling down.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the use of the acronym ISIS (Goddess/Mistress of Magic) typical Illuminati use of symbolism, calling card or similar – only to then be sometimes altered/removed once the message has been left?

    I remember when news of the 22 July 2011 Norway attacks broke and I almost immediately thought of the 22 July 1946 bombing by Irgun Zionists of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem. It was the 65th anniversary of that bombing which claimed 91 lives.

    Initial reports of the Norway killings (car bomb/mass shooting) were of 91 possibly 92 dead which was later revised down to 77 in total. This cannot have been a coincidence, either the date or the initial number of dead reported.

    ISIS has now been revised down to IS/Islamic State. It’s all so much Illuminati BS. Could IS even mean Illuminati Symbolism?

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