Smart Meters? No thanks. They’re useless and dangerous.

The mass roll-out of smart meters is due to start late next year and suppliers are obliged to take all reasonable steps to have them in all households and small businesses by the end of 2020.
Committee chair Margaret Hodge said: “The costs of installing 53 million smart meters will be borne by consumers through their energy bills.
“It will cost around £215 per home or small business over the next 15 years to install the meters – an additional cost people can ill afford.
“Despite consumers footing the bill, they can on average make a saving of only 2% on the average annual bill of £1,328 until 2020.
“Even this is conditional on consumers changing their behaviour and cutting their energy use. The Department of Energy and Climate Change is relying on the consumer becoming more ‘savvy’ in making decisions about using energy.”
She added: “The department is depending heavily on assumed competition in the energy industry to control costs and deliver benefits.
“Relying on market forces to keep costs down may not be enough on its own to protect consumers.
“This is something energy companies don’t have a great track record on. Ofgem’s referral of the energy market to the Competition and Markets Authority reflected serious concerns about the lack of real competition in the industry.”
The committee said energy suppliers were concerned that there could be extra costs involved in persuading more reluctant consumers to accept the new meters to ensure near 100% coverage.
TAP – Smart anything means you are being watched.  They communicate your private whereabouts and activities instantly.  Smartmeters will be able cut you off and dictate how and when you use power. You are exposed to higher emfs and become sick. Now how smart is that?  Don’t instal them.  Simple.  The savings are non-existent anyway as this article makes clear.  Power supply is a cartel.

To campaign against smartmeters, go to –
from Jennifer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Electricity Companies cannot be trusted.
    Eon sent me a bill for £6,000, when I rang them to pay, I asked for the last meter reading.
    They got back and said “you don’t seem to have a meter”, to which I replied, why send a bill then.
    Just all con men, trying it on,
    The property had not had electric for 10 years.

  2. Gordon says:

    Any savings we have made re low energy light bulbs and further insulation has be lost through price hikes making it a negative savings.
    The privatization of utility companies are not there to benefit you or I but to make profit for their shareholders. It always come down to more and more profit at the expensive of the plebs.

    These smart meters like mobile phones will slowly fry your brain

  3. Jennifer says:

    Go to for much valuable information.

    If anyone needs to be ‘savvy’ about how much energy they are using – just go to your meter and watch the flipping thing whirling round and count the numbers. Derrrrr.
    We are not as stupid as the power industries/ dept of energy seem to think.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have to fight this, these meters increase
    the risk of cancer.
    See…..Stop the
    The US is further down the road on this one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just say no…..Not a chance will they get near my property. They need a lead surround so what does that tell us…radiation cannot penetrate lead. That’s is why they banned lead paint. They can see through our walls now with their technology. We are being watched for a reason…They know we are coming for them at some point.

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