Scotland’s ‘independence’ is just ‘divide and rule’

The salmon is a slippery fish , whereas the badger is more black and white – but both of them are lying to you .
A country is not defined by white lines in the road – a geographical area is a country when it’s people agree to use that country’s currency. All their efforts and  assets are valued by the same measure .Our government buys our money from a central bank – which gives that central bank a massive amount of wealth , influence and power . But it does not have to be that way. Independence would mean taking back the huge power of currency creation. Our government would then be independent and able to use its power and influence freely.
The regionalisation – read divide and conquer – of the UK may continue with ‘Scottish Independence’ – Expect sunshine , a massive turn-out and a record postal vote – but don’t expect independence .
I’m voting NOTA – none of the above. Spoil your paper and send the message that we are on to these cheats.
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11 Responses to “Scotland’s ‘independence’ is just ‘divide and rule’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course its divide and conquer, Alex Solomond is no friend of Scotland. Once the breakaway is complete then whats left will become “Regions” of the Greater Fourth Reich.

    And how will it be sold to the footie watchers?

    Through a continual propaganda expose of corruption in Westminster, the useful idiots being encouraged to swindle expenses so that a new opton can be offered to the public.

  2. officer says:

    It’s NOTHING to do with Salmond. He, like the rest, is corrupt to the very core. We want rid of Westminster. We want rid of Westminster for the whole of the UK. They have got to go. It is not good for any country to be run by the corporation of London. This is the first getting rid of this criminal elite. Let’s go Scotland, stand up for the world and let’s deal these paedophilic crimelords a heavy blow. Free the UK from this tyranny!!!

  3. Alice Moore says:

    Disparate groups in Scotland are coming together like never before. The referendum has not been `divide and rule` and you must not believe everything you see on the BBC. What is happening is a popular uprising against elite Westminster rule. I am weary of people saying there is no hope against it.

  4. A10Sean says:

    Ok so you think this referendum is a stepping stone to real independence ? What makes you think that independence will be offered later if not now ? Snp were always anti NATO until 2012 .. It looks to me that a deal was done .. If we believe that independence is not on offer and the referendum is a fraud .. Aren’t we just lending it credibility by participating .. Hence my suggestion to vote nota and spoil the paper ..

  5. Tapestry says:

    The separation of Scotland from the UK is a longterm goal of the ‘elites’. They act out all kinds of theatre in Westminster to ensure the people vote to separate, while pretending that’s not the outcome they exactly desire. Once lost to the EU, Scotland will never see democracy or any hope of freedom again. Scotland should battle against the elites with all the rest of us. The only hope of stopping world government is to stand together as a nation, get control at the grass roots, and be big enough to negotiate.

    We kept Sterling that way. Scotland will lose the Pound in five seconds. I wish Scots all the best of they are separated and put under the Brussels paedophile psychopathic jackboot.

  6. do you have more info on the regionalization of the uk

  7. Alice Moore says:

    The referendum in Scotland is to decide whether or not Scotland has its own Parliament. After two years there will be elections; there is all to play for, and NOTHING has been decided. So we are not being led by the nose according to some elite plan. Some of us want out of Europe and NATO. It will be up to us to make our case for it.

    Since the second World War we have had 35 years of being ruled by a Government in Westminster that we did not choose and which has led the UK by stealth deeper into the European Union. How many more years must be wasted?

    There IS another way.

  8. officer says:

    Scotland will lose the pound in 5 seconds?
    Come.on now tap, that’s just daft and I expected better from you. We do not intent to be ‘under the boot” of anyone. We will move forward after independence, getting rid of the parasitic royal family and the corrupt EU and this will strike a rainbow blow for world peace. We have all worked so hard, persuading one numpty after another to vote yes, and you say it’s already been decided… So we’ve all worked.our arses off for nothing? There will be no freedom or.democracy? Aye right. There’s been no freedom or democracy here for the last 30 odd years of London rule. That changes on Thursday. Saor Alba Gu Brath.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “the only way to.stop together as a nation, get control at the grass roots,.and be big enough to negotiate.” your own words Tap…
    That is EXACTLY what we are doing here in Scotland.

  10. Tapestry says:

    Scotland is run by a junta. Alex Salmond is not interested in Scottish nationalism or democracy. You’re buying a bad deal. Elect independent candidates only, if you want to be independent, not sold out, duplicitous party stooges.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ok for the “Nationalists” on here. Nazi Germany, run by Uncle Adolf sponsored all Nationalist parties in Europe, be it in spain, Wales, Ireland. This is fact.

    They also were strongly connected to the Bretton Nationalist movement in France.

    Yes I am a Nationalist, and believed strongly in the true nation states of Europe rising up against the crime cabal orchestrated mainly from the City Mile of London.

    Sadly I realised along the way that those who are a real threat to the paedogangstas-in-charge rarely get to live long, let alone have a voice in the mainstream political arena, or indeed in the propaganda machines of tv and press.

    What Scotland will end up with is a puppet government of Uncle Adolf’s daughter, frau Merkle, ok no bad thing in comparisson to the old Etonian bum chums perhaps, but in reality does anyone really believe that Scotland will be trully independent, or more likely become as comical as the woefully inept and corrupt Welsh Dissasembly?

    Yes I loved Braveheart, a Welshman who led his Celtic brothers into battle, but even his bravery couldnt match the machinations of career politicians and backstabbers like Bruce, who waited HIS chance.

    Here we are centuries later and the country is going to be broken up as planned into regions of the Reich, which was ALWAYS the ultimate goal of powers bigger than Uncle Adolf, Frau Merkel or David Cameron. United we stand, divided we fall.

    I love Scotland, am pro Nationalist, but what Solomond offers is nothing further from that.

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