Scotland. Independence is not on the table. Mike Robinson. UK Column.

Today the LibLabCon has joined forces to keep the Union together, they say. Very publicly “abandoning” Prime Ministers Questions in order to give the maximum impression that they actually wish to keep the Union together, all three have flown up to Scotland to campaign for a “NO” vote.

Scotland Ballot Box



The Three Stooges are playing a clever psychological game. Their intention is clear as evidenced by the constitutional reform agenda – the breakup of the Union. They give the impression that they are fighting for Scotland to stay in the Union in the full knowledge that any right thinking Scotsman or woman will struggle to resist the temptation to punch them on the nose at first sight. 
The inevitable consequence, therefore, is that more and more people are being pushed into a “yes” vote. And just in case the polls show it to be too close to call, there’s plan ‘B’, that 20% rise in the number of postal votes and the fact that EU citizens can vote to help guarantee things, but far be it from me to suggest there would be any sort of rigging or the result going on.
And even if it still goes against them, out pops Gordon Brown to detail plan ‘C’ – even more devolved powers. In other words, you’re getting it, whether you want it or not.
In last week’s Crane Report, Ian Crane argued strongly for people to vote “yes”, to take the bull by the horns and go for independence. 
But if you look at the political leadership that is available, what have you got. Alex Salmond, friend of Prince Charles according to this 2009 Telegraph article, and protector of paedophiles, apparently.
And if you look at the economic situation, there are no solutions on the table. No national credit, no national infrastructure plans, not even an answer for what currency Scotland will use.
What we are witnessing here is classic British divide and conquer tactics. Right at the time that all the people of Britain need to stand together against these paedophile yes men in Parliament, they have very successfully made sure that the whole Scottish population is looking the other way.
Once Scotland makes that decision, the Scottish people are no longer in a position to do anything about what happens in Westminster.
It isn’t the Scottish government which is driving for war with Russia. And all of a sudden, a large proportion of the British population will no longer be able to do anything about David Cameron and his bought and paid for cabinet.
So while we should all support a nation’s right to self determination, I would argue that such a right should be carefully considered, particularly in light of the constitutional, geopolitical and economic crises we find ourselves in.

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8 Responses to “Scotland. Independence is not on the table. Mike Robinson. UK Column.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, the consequences, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats have all been considered. The campaign has been ongoing for two years but obviously, outside Scotland, it looks like it started last week. Its both feasible and desirable to have independence.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If anyone thinks the risks are all ascertained, they’re not looking.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I live 300 miles to the south of Scotland so it’s their business, but I do hope it’s a ‘Yes’ to stuff it up our corrupt City of London and political zio-paedos, and maybe lead the rest of us all on these islands to the higher moral uplands.
    We don’t have to accept their NWO manipulation of ‘our’ history. We the people need to take back our history – whether the English Civil War, the Irish Famine, the Scottish Clearances, and Enclosures, both World Wars (to date), and all the rest.
    The Scots CAN make their own history again. If the vote count is incompatible with the result – well that will be interesting?
    Also, will Faslane be to the English what Crimea is to the Russians?

  4. shirlz007 says:

    Jennifer… you seem like an intelligent woman, who’s starting to grasp what’s going on… come over to the light! (myself, Aanirfan, those who choose to report the truth, without the bullshit)

    Most just want to confuse you, give an array of arguments for both sides… and leave you in a state of… DOING NOTHING!

    IT’S A BRITISH INTELLIGENCE REBELLION! (I personally played a part in it!)…
    is MI5 Operative Gordon Bowdon going to join us? 😉
    ‘TOP SECRET’… need to know basis only Gordon… Im sure you’ll understand!


    Personally… IM OVER THE FUCKING MOON WITH WHAT I’M BEING TOLD!!! bollocks to the ‘truther’ movement… gullible, stupid, deranged people… who will ALWAYS be lead and manipulated…

    just my thoughts anyway


  5. Anonymous says:

    And when Brer Fox, Brer Badger, Brer Rabbit and all the other animals gathered on the hill they stood for a long while. In an atmosphere of impending Doom the animals shared out their sandwiches and chocolate bars waiting for The Calamity.

    But the sky didn’t fall down at all as they stood there that afternoon. The sun moved across the sky as it always had and little puffy clouds scrubbed the blue sky clean and bright. The animals found their sombre moods changed as they pointed and picked out funny shapes in the clouds. The worry and tension dissolved in the warm sun and gentle breeze. The animals all found that their spirits had lifted and that they somehow all felt better and more alive than before.

    A couple of the animals had brought special umbrellas to protect their fur coats from the poisonous precipitation that they had been told would be sent to rain down on them from other wicked animals. Brer Fox seemed a little embarassed by that and kept looking the other way when they asked him about it.

    It didn’t rain poison either. The expensive umbrellas were dropped in the nearest bin as the animals left the park gates and returned to their homes. Their burrows were still in the same place and the grass, trees, hills and rivers were still there.

    “Well Brer Rabbit” said Brer Fox “The sky didn’t fall after all. This is where we part company. I’ll see you around.”

    Brer Rabbit turned round, waggled his carrot and said “Not if I see you first Foxy.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    stuff scotland us british people want to be free of our crooked boy-nobbing politicians
    dave fenwick

  7. A10Sean says:

    With the Yes Vote looking likely – I think it is now clear that this is the desired result. Just a thought – but could it be the resources off the west coast which are the target – these cannot be accessed with the Trident on the Clyde – so they have to shift Trident .. Which is politically acceptable if Scotland is independent ? FYI , I got 4-1 on the exchanges the other day …

  8. Anonymous says:

    I read that Scotland is fairly healthy financially. An establishment pushing for a yes vote is surely one for bankster enforced debt , controlled from London and a massive grab for those natural resources.

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