School maps of the world are a gross distortion of reality. Africa and South America are much bigger.
Look at a “normal” map and what does it tell you? 

1. Alaska is three times bigger than Mexico – WRONG Mexico is larger by one million square miles. 

2. Greenland is the same size as Africa – WRONG African is 14x larger. 

3. Europe is considerably larger than South America – WRONG South America is almost double the size of Europe And the US, China, India, England and Eastern Europe can all comfortably fit inside of Africa with room left over. 

Does it matter? You tell me – and don’t let the not-so-subtle ridicule of the fictional organization throw you off. It matters a lot. – 

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3 Responses to “School maps of the world are a gross distortion of reality. Africa and South America are much bigger.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t yet had time to check the links and video but representations of the Earth by flat maps is always a compromise and leads to huge distortions. Depending on their usage, several different methods (projections) are utilised.

    If for example you look at the (I think) standard Mercator Projection used in classrooms, it would appear that the shortest distance between London Heathrow and New York’s JFK would take a commercial aircraft over Cornwall and south of Eire, when in fact the shortest distance (Great Circle) is over Scotland as with Lockerbie.

    I know that misleading distortions do happen, as with the BBC new era (post era of magnetic clouds and other weather symbols placed on a vertical screen by the presenter while talking, which were prone to fall off or slip down the chart) on weather reports many years/decades back when Scotland was made larger on the new sloping image after complaints that Scotland should look larger!

    It wouldn’t surprise me though, in this Zion-insane world, if they were misrepresenting certain countries in such a way.It wouldn’t surprise me either to see whole countries disappear which they will do shortly anyway if we don’t round up these mad Zionists and execute every last damn one of them, starting with the Nat Rots and the Ben Nets.

    We only need one country to disappear off the map in its entirety and the Middle East will be at relative peace with itself as it mostly was before the arrival of the Ashkenazim, the World will be a much safer place, Tap and others can return to full time farming/business and the rest of us old ‘uns/retirees can get down to the pub most nights once again like we used to.

  2. I’ve seen this vid before. It’s very good.
    It’s amazing how thorough the Kabbalists / fake-Jews have been at converting every single piece of information in the world into bullshit…

    A few months ago they found a peat-bog in Congo the size of England that no one had even noticed before. The place is fekin huge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Loved the video ‘Hilarious’ but then that might just be my sense of humour.

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