Sales pitch for war gets louder using all the old techniques

NY Times: NATO Weighs Rapid Response Force for Eastern Europe


NATO leaders are expected to respond to increased Russian intervention in Ukraine by establishing a force capable of deploying quickly to Eastern Europe.




In today’s stinking propaganda poop-pie, Sulzberger’s slippery scribblers attempt to slip by what sales professionals refer to as an assumptive statement. The ‘assumptive close’ involves the casual statement of something as an unchallenged fact; and then, regardless if the statement is true or not, building a case upon it. The trick is to slip in the assumptive so subtly that the target accepts its veracity without question.
Sulzberger’s sleazy salesmen are masters of manipulative selling
By headlining the lie that the purpose of NATO’s “Rapid Response Force” is to respond to increased Russian intervention in Ukraine”,the foundational assumption of “increased Russian intervention” is cleverly stated as a given, even though it is false.  This narrows the debate down to how NATO should respond, without ever challenging the false underlying premise itself.  It is like saying, “Mr. Doe. My product will cure your bad breath problem. Now will you be paying with cash, check or charge?”, when Mr. Doe doesn’t even have a bad breath problem to begin with!
In reality, Russia’s lack of intervention is driving the warmongering Globalists nuts! They had hoped by now that Putin would have taken their bait and kicked off World War III. But the tenacity and fighting spirit of the freedom fighters of eastern Ukraine has defeated puppet Kiev without the need for direct Russian assistance. The Globalists have now been forced to invent Russian invasions in order to justify the creation of Rapid Response Forces.
 It is clear by now that US-NATO-Zion is intending to have its war come hell or high water. The longer Putin refuses to take the bait, the more outrageous the provocations will become. This is exactly how Germany was baited into attacking Poland, and Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor. When Russia’s inevitable and justifiable self-defense move comes, you can be sure that Sulzberger’s dirty journal will be screaming bloody murder, exactly as it did in 1939 and 1941!
1939                                                1941
Know your history so that you will not be fooled!
Germany & Japan were relentlessly baited and maneuvered by the NWO

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anthony Robbins

    Americas hard sell trainer

    Promoter of NLP

    i remember a few years ago the USA Govt booked a course.

    sorry a meeting

    to learn to art sorry BS of closing the deal using NLP or one of many of his hard closing deals


    eg sadly how to sell a goyim (NWO) or anything!!. they never knew they ever needed, never wanted.

    New World Order (Setup by Babylonian Jew paedophiles) – Millions of our forefathers died to prevent

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