Recently, on the website of the Times of Israel were the words: “Genocide is Permissible”

A deputy speaker of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, Moshe Feiglin, demands a policy of mass expulsion into concentration camps. An MP, Ayelet Shaked, whose party is a member of the governing coalition, calls for the extermination of Palestinian mothers to prevent them giving birth to what she calls “little snakes”.
For years, reporters have watched Israeli soldiers bait Palestinian children by abusing them through loud-speakers. Then they shoot them dead. For years, reporters have known about Palestinian women about to give birth and refused passage through a roadblock to a hospital; and the baby has died, and sometimes the mother.
For years, reporters have known about Palestinian doctors and ambulance crews given permission by Israeli commanders to attend the wounded or remove the dead, only to be shot through the head.
For years, reporters have known about stricken people prevented from getting life-saving treatment, or shot dead when they’ve tried to reach a clinic for chemotherapy treatment. One elderly lady with a walking stick was murdered in this way – a bullet in her back.
When I put the facts of this crime to Dori Gold, a senior adviser to the Israeli prime minister, he said, “Unfortunately in every kind of warfare there are cases of civilians who are accidentally killed. But the case you cite was not terrorism. Terrorism means putting the cross-hairs of the sniper’s rifle on a civilian deliberately.”
I replied, “That’s exactly what happened.”
“No,” he said, “it did not happen.”
Such a lie or delusion is repeated unerringly by Israel’s apologists. As the former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges points out, the reporting of such an atrocity invariably ends up as “caught in the cross-fire”. For as long as I have covered the Middle East, much if not most of the western media has colluded in this way.
In one of my films, a Palestinian cameraman, Imad Ghanem, lies helpless while soldiers from the “most moral army in the world” blew both his legs off. This atrocity was given two lines on the BBC website. Thirteen journalists were killed by Israel in its latest bloodfest in Gaza. All were Palestinian. Who knows their names?
Something is different now. There is a huge revulsion across the world; and the voices of sensible liberalism are worried. Their hand wringing and specious choir of “equal blame” and “Israel’s right to defend itself” will not wash any more; neither will the smear of anti-Semitism. Neither will their selective cry that “something must be done” about Islamic fanatics but nothing must be done about Zionist fanatics.
One sensible liberal voice, the novelist Ian McEwan, was being celebrated as a sage by the Guardian while the children of Gaza were blown to bits. This is the same Ian McEwan who ignored the pleading of Palestinians not to accept the Jerusalem Prize for literature. “If I only went to countries that I approve of, I probably would never get out of bed,” said McEwan.
If they could speak, the dead of Gaza might say: Stay in bed, great novelist, for your very presence smoothes the bed of racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and murder – no matter the weasel words you uttered as you claimed your prize.
Understanding the sophistry and power of liberal propaganda is key to understanding why Israel’s outrages endure; why the world looks on; why sanctions are never applied to Israel; and why nothing less than a total boycott of everything Israeli is now a measure of basic human decency.uman 

By  on September 12, 2014

John Pilger — via Information Clearing House

From comments, there were no gas chambers in WW2 set up to exterminate Jews.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Robert Faurisson has some great vids on youtube watch them quick before the bast*rds take them down
    Israel must be brought to book
    start by boycotting all israeli products and services

  2. Anonymous says:

    ‘genocide is permissable ‘ how damned evil
    i love this man robert faurisson
    this shows in detail the cost to the public purse of immigration

  3. Anonymous says:


    Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany ……/Reparations_Agreement_between_Israel_and_West_…
    Collaborators during World War II …. Following the Holocaust, Israel’s relations with Germany were very tense. …. and West Germany paid Israel a sum of 3 billion marks over the next fourteen years; 450 million marks were paid to the World Jewish Congress. ….. This page was last modified on 2 September 2014 at 14:47.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Germany has paid $89 billion in reparations to the Jews ……/germany-has-paid-89-billion-in-reparatio…
    15 Nov 2012 – This quote is from the article in The Detroit News: Germany has paid … by 15 percent over 2011, and has pledged to raise that further in 2013 and 2014. … Still, even 67 years after the end of World War II, there is much to set right, … Note that Germany first started paying the Jews in 1952 for the Holocaust.


  5. Anonymous says:


    SEE 32.30


  6. Anonymous says:

    Robert Faurisson is indeed a real Man.
    Freemasons run most Courts, they were involved in the Nuremberg fraud.
    I would go as far as to say the Judges were Jewish Freemasons, hardly unbiased.
    The trials were a farce from start to finish.
    A similar situation has arisen in Rotherham the UK.
    In the UK because we are not allowed to call ” a spade a spade “, we are not allowed to tell the truth.
    Freemasons have corrupted our Law so much that we are not allowed to criticize Homosexuals, lesbians or Paedophiles.
    Because of this corruption, hundreds of children were abused without the Police lifting a finger.

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