Police fail to proceed with 200 charges against political paedophiles ‘to avoid media frenzy’


TAP – Exaro News won’t copy so I give the link.  I think we can interpret the real reason politicians are not charged with paedophile offences.  This is the next domino.  Once that falls, the Royal family comes into view next, not to mention the people like David Cameron who clearly know exactly what has gone on, and is going on.  No wonder they’re so desperate to start their wars and fill the airwaves with daily terror.  That’s the only way their filth can be pushed into the long grass.  Without a war, they’re all going to get found out.  Why not just publish the names now?  It could save a lot of lives.  I will if anyone leaks them.  

The next boss of investigation into political paedophiles is another friend of Leon Brittan

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  1. Anonymous says:

    BREAKING UPDATE! VIDEO British Crown stopped in their effort to arrest Kevin new ITCCS offensive against corporate backers of child trafficking

    Tick Tock

    Read more at hhttp://investmentwatchblog.com/breaking-update-video-british-crown-stopped-in-their-effort-to-arrest-kevin-new-itccs-offensive-against-corporate-backers-of-child-traffickin/

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