Paterson’s relationship with his Constituents deteriorates further

Not only has Owen Paterson continued to support the push to frack his Constituency since his sacking from the cabinet, which will, if successful, cause many of his Constituents to become sick and some to die.  Now he’s refusing to make any comment at all, on all local planning applications.

Two hundred and fifty people wrote to him to complain about a proposed development which affects their homes just outside Oswestry, and he’s written back to all of them saying he can’t take sides.

Who knows what Paterson was offered when he visited the Bilderberg Group last year, which secret societies he’s joined or what his wife’s family (The Ridleys) has demanded.  There seems little doubt that Paterson is the biggest sell-out to the corporate networks and cartels anyone has ever witnessed.

This former eurosceptic, who made his name campaigning to save Britain’s fishing industry, and help farmers survive the bureaucratic onslaught, is clearly no more on the side of humanity.  How his soul was captured remains a mystery.  He has no interest in saving the lives or health of his constituents, and regards it all as not his problem.  Has he been compromised by the Satanists?  Or has he become one of them?

Whatever group or entity now has his loyalty, he appears to care little for his chances of re-election.  Like other former Bilderbergers, his seat has no doubt been promised as his, no matter how people vote.   Democracy appears to be dead in North Shropshire.  A former perceived friend of our Constituency, Paterson is now one of its deadliest enemies.

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