Open Letter to Mrs Catherine Fiona Woolf

Not only that if you look into Woolf’s  business activities they smack of fraud. She uses many different names  and has bank accounts in many different names all over the world, OK not a crime  but the amounts  in her accounts are enormous.

Her real name is Mrs Catherine Fiona Woolf. But she rarely uses her real name.  She mostly uses Fiona Woolf or Ms Catherine  Woolf or Miss Catherine Fiona Woolf, or Miss Catherine Fiona Swain (her maiden name) of just Ms Fiona Swain, or  Catherine Swain.  

We have found a multicurrency bank account  in the Swiss Bank UBS  in the name of  Ms Fiona Woolf  with a balance of over 5 million swiss franks.  Her friend Leon Brittan QC  is the Vice Chairman of UBS.  What are Woolf and Brittan  hiding is this the Proceeds of Crime?   

Could it be the profits from the global child porn network? Come on ask her?

Google Law website sends –

Open Letter to Mrs Catherine Fiona Woolf

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  1. NPP says:


    Some great posts here.

    Between knocking out artworks, I am composing letters to local MP, UKIP MEP and local police. You put useful reference material in front of my nose. My letters to aforementioned seem to have little effect, but I keep writing.

    This Woolf business is bizarre. They must have know she is inappropriate. So why?


  2. Tapestry says:

    You guys send in the stuff, NPP. I place it on the blog. It’s a readers are the writers blog. Thanks to all who send in material every day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are the only way to any kind of sanity being restored to this insane madness. Peace Tap.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    I find it intriguing that we see Queenie, The Pope, Woolfie Mayor of The City and the filthy Westminster ship of fools all in the spotlight for the worst of reasons at the same time as the UK is being set up for balkanisation ( break up of the UK ala Yuoslavia ). We also see virtual reality terror threats and conflicts being provoked and set up for our overstreatched and denuded armed forces to take part in and the rotten corrupt banking system seemingly on its last legs.

    One might conclude that as a nation we are being set up for a very big fail or a colourfull revolution.

    hmmmmmm ?

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Convicted fraudster who went to gaol Gerald Ronson now CBE is related to Leon Brittan & Malcom Rifkind

    Is he connected to Woolfe ?

    Here is a list of organisations he is involved with. Get sleuthing people !

    Heron Tower is in The City of London.
    In London, developments include Heron Tower,the 46-storey office building on Bishopsgate completed in March 2011 which is the tallest
    in the City of London and offers flexible and sustainable world class office space; and The Heron, a development of 285 luxury
    apartments above new facilities for the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Convicted fraudster who went to gaol Gerald Ronson now CBE is related to Leon Brittan & Malcom Rifkind

    Vice-President, NSPCC 1984

    Vice-President, Joint Israel Appeal 1983

    Capital Campaign Board of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama

  7. sovereigntea says:

    According to the jewishtelegraph who might be a tad biased.

    Poor Gerald the Jewish victim of injustice. Note the comments re the police top brass.

    THERE is a delicious irony in Gerald Ronson today rubbing shoulders with Britain’s top police chiefs. They’re on first names terms with him and gushing in their praise of the Community Security Trust (CST), the organisation he founded and now chairs.

    Yet this is the man who, in 1990, was jailed as one of the major players in arguably the most notorious business fraud trial of the 20th century – the so-called ‘Guinness affair’.

    It’s not a question of rehabilitating himself in society after serving half of a 12-month sentence.

    Not at all. Ronson always maintained his innocence, police officers at the time felt that he was the victim of political skullduggery and even warders and fellow prisoners believed he should not have been inside.

    Compensation received for what was deemed to be an unfair trial rescued Ronson’s reputation, although those close to him never doubted his innocence.

    So often those who have fallen foul of the law, but subsequently been cleared “without a stain on their character”, still leave the impression that there is something dodgy about them.

    But not so Gerald Ronson. After speaking to him about the darkest moments of his life, the auditor is left in no doubt that there must have been a catastrophic miscarriage of justice.

    Quite simply, you don’t get Israel’s Prime Minister (Yitzhak Shamir) desperate to speak to you in prison and police chiefs subsequently accepting invitations to dine with you or a chief rabbi and his successor visiting you inside.

    He recalled: “The police were always good and always very fair. They never locked any doors and they never put any handcuffs on me because they themselves knew.

    “I remember the chief policeman at Elm Street, which is where the fraud squad operate from. He said to me, ‘You shouldn’t be here’.

  8. sovereigntea says:

    Property tycoon Gerald Ronson received the CBE from the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace yesterday, 22 years after he was jailed for his part in the Guinness share-trading scandal.

    afterwards Mr Ronson, said he felt ‘very privileged and honoured’ to receive his CBE for his work over more than 50 years raising and donating more than £100 million to charities including the NSPCC, the Prince’s Trust and Jewish Care.

    The New Year Honours list also included a knighthood to hedge fund trader and Tory donor Paul Ruddock who cashed in on the credit crunch.

    His firm, Lansdowne Partners, made a staggering £100million from the financial crash by betting that the price of Northern Rock shares would fall and also made millions in a matter of days by predicting the likely slide of other banking shares.

    Read more:

  9. Anonymous says:

    fiona woolf has a dark past.
    after w w 1 the jews stole huge amounts of property jewelry and vaueable artworks in the ruins of germany.
    Before W W 2 came hitler took it all back and gave it to its rightful owners.
    But in recent years crooked lawyers have helped people like fiona woolf to steal much artworks
    that really belong to german nationals

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