People in Yorkshire getting sick from exploratory gas drill near their homes

New poster being trialled at the Dudleston Community Protection Camp on Brooklands Farm, about a mile from Owen Paterson’s private residence in Shropshire.

The picture is of an event in Canada where cattle drank water contaminated by the usual spill.  They all died within hours.

David Cameron can be heard spouting the usual nonsense that with proper regulation and controls, the industry is safe. 

The second campaigning weapon, an A3 leaflet catalogues the illnesses and bitter experiences of people living nearby fracking sites in Colorado.   I’ll put that up in a day or two.  The contents can be found on Frack Free Colorado’s website, where we sourced. 

The contamination goes on continually regardless of any regulation and controls.  Cameron’s talking through his arse, like Paterson and all the other Hooray Henrys chumming it up in Westminster.  They’re totally out of touch, and sold out to the corporate state, which put them in place.

Guardian latest on people in Yorkshire getting sick from exploratory drill near their homes.

The smell is hideous, very distinctive, pungent and nauseous. It comes in waves. It started last week and has continued since. It fades in and out. The area where they are drilling is very rural and the smell drifts easily a mile away,” says Debbie Stabler who lives 400m from the drill site near West Newton, near Aldbrough in east Yorkshire.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    If only British farmers knew how to do that kind of thing…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can a LIZARD Pu u r r r r r ?

    SLIi SLIi SLIi sssssssssssssss?

    Camoron blowing smoke op her & Brown nosing just as we go to WAR



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