NATO to continue goading Russia. Read between the lines of Romanian President’s statements.

‘Black Sea to become NATO lake’

Following the two days of the NATO summit in Newport, Wales, Romanian President Traian Basescu announced that Romania will host a regional command of the Alliance.

Following are some other comments he made to the media.

‘I do not trust the truce signed today [between the government of Ukraine and the secessionists]. On the contrary, I do not see a favourable evolution for the territorial integrity of Ukraine. I’m afraid that pieces of its south are also going away into a larger Transnistria.’

NATO has called Romania to take over the guard of airports of Kandahar and Kabul in Afghanistan. The mission would require 400 soldiers. The president said Romania already contributes 200 troops, 200 instructors and 20 military police officers to Operation Resolute Support, and the new mission should be discussed in the Supreme Council for National Defence.

States highly dependent on Russian natural gas difficultly adapt to the need of sanctions against Russia, the president asserted. Asked to comment a bespoken remark he made some time ago, about the Black Sea being ‘a Russian lake’, he reminded his warning, ‘Gazprom [the big Russian natural gas supplier] is more efficient than the Red Army.’ As for the Black Sea, ‘We will turn it into a NATO lake.’

NATO did not commit to military support to Ukraine, but will create several mutual funds, with Romania coordinating a segment concerning the cyber security of Ukraine, Basescu also mentioned. Romania did not commit to supply weapons to Ukraine, he asserted, but specified ‘If it would have committed, I wouldn’t tell you; but it didn’t.’

The Republic of Moldova was included in two programmes, one for a platform of interoperability of Moldovan and NATO troops, and the other for building the country’s defence capabilities, which involves NATO member states, including Romania, participating in war games alongside the Moldovan army, the president explained.

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