NATO. Global enslavement rolls out across the world.

The video has three sections and the two towards the end show how clear is the attempt to put the whole world under Washington’s military control.  The problem for Washington is not Ukraine, but Putin who refuses to buckle and become a vassal state.  This from Finian Cunningham on ICH explains it well.


DONETSK, September 6 (Itar-Tass) – Ukrainian forces do not observe the ceasefire, continuing shelling Donetsk and positions of the Donetsk Republic’s militia near Mariupol, co-chairman of the People’s Front of Novorossia political movement Konstantin Dolgov told Itar-Tass on Saturday.
None of truce agreements concluded with Poroshenko has been observed. Ukrainian forces continue artillery strikes on Donetsk and its suburbs and do not stop firing in Mariupol, he said.
The Defence Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic said on Saturday that Gorlovka was under mortar fire. A coalmine was shelled in Makeyevka at about midnight. Fire was opened on the town of Yasinovataya. Ukrainian troops also fired from armoured vehicle weapons at Donetsk airport.
“Now it is relatively calm in the city,” a defence ministry source said.
The high-ranking source said “Kiev’s statements about a ceasefire were only statements. These are statements only on paper and in the air. In reality, it does not seem to be truth,” he said.
The Donetsk and Lugansk republic’s forces observed the truce, he added.
On Friday, the Donetsk Republic’s Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko, after the meeting of the contact group in Minsk, ordered by telephone to stop fire, and the ceasefire is observed, the source said.
He also said that Ukrainian troops were seen redeploying in the Mariupol area.
Itar-Tass had no confirmation of the information from other sources.
An agreement on a truce between the conflict parties was reached in eastern Ukraine previously on June 20, but Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko cancelled the truce on June 30, saying it was unilateral. During the period, Kiev troops repeatedly fired from artillery guns and mortars at residential areas in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. They also used heavy weapons against militia forces.
Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 3 proposed a peace plan to settle the crisis in Ukraine. The plan called for stopping offenses by all forces in southeastern Ukraine, withdrawal of armed forces at a safe range from residential sites, international monitoring of ceasefire observance, no use of military aircraft against civilians, swap of all captives, opening humanitarian corridors and repair of the infrastructure.
An agreement on ceasefire and a settlement plan was reached during the meeting of the contact group in Minsk on September 5 with the participation of representatives from Kiev, southeastern Ukrainian regions, the OSCE and Russia.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Little wonder that the Police in the UK have been stopped from investigating Paedophilia.
    If the Police had done their real job, half of our MP’s would be in prison, and the impending World War stopped.
    Dunblane was the main part of the blackmail and control of our Politicians.
    Just ask yourselves why a 100 year ‘ D ‘ notice was put on the reporting .
    Bear in mind WW1 had an 80 year one and WW2 had a 60 year notice.
    What a perverted set of dual Passport MP’s we have.

  2. Anonymous says:


    See BBC radio 4 now

    6-Sept-2014 22:15

    re Jerusalem


  3. Anonymous says:

    Agree to Differ Jerusalem

    3/3 Matthew Taylor presents a new discussion programme. (R)

    Listen live


    Episode 3 of 3

    43 minutes

    First broadcast:
    Wednesday 03 September 2014

    Agree to Differ is Radio 4’s new discussion programme where the aim is to give listeners a completely new way to understand a controversial issue and to decide where they stand. Presented by Matthew Taylor.


    your thoughts folks?

  4. shirlz007 says:

    The plan for The Zionists/Rothschild cabals
    (Satanists?… whether there’s anything supernatural or extra-terrestrial to it is still debatable)…

    is to enslave humanity by controlling The Dead Sea Minerals
    (‘whoever controls the Dead Sea in the 21st century, controls the world’)
    this also involves

    -the control of the planets water supply (Aquifers, Libyas Great MAn Made River, Bush’s buying up land over planet’s largest Aquifier, Nestle etc)

    -the systematic and controlled destruction of the natural environment… Monsanto, Chemtrails, Fukushima etc (the stuff the hippies know about)… ability to produce food, crops, drinking water etc.

    -possibly a ‘world war’… realistically this is unlikely (unless it’s triggered by accident’)

    -possibly Agenda 21 and culling of the human population (for the plan to work, maybe they are planning a ‘cull’)

    THEY PLAN TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY BY RULING FROM A ‘GREATER ISRAEL’ (Dead Sea Minerals and most other resources)… control of WATER is vital to this… this is ALL planned to be in effect by the end of the 21st century…

    COMPLETE ENSLAVEMENT! water and food (SIMPLE!)

    stop being idiots and pull your head out of your arses (Tap readers to the Pentagon) I’VE JU~ST BUSTED ROTHSCHILD AND THE ZIOS FOR THIS (risked my life, and cost the lives of others in doing so)

    something positive for Saturday night! (follow the links because it’s THE TRUTH! theres only ONE TRUTH throughout the Universe… that which has happened, and is happening now… NOTHING ELSE! no perception, or any new age malarkey… with Mark Passio on this)

    BUSTED ROTHSCHILD!!! ;D from a ‘wannabe James Bond’! ha!

  5. Anonymous says:

    They have gone too far and are hell bent on war…they know that we are watching their lies in horror now and do not listen to the BS that is thrown at us daily. It is so obvious now and enough is enough. People need to cut off the money supply (Taxes) and round these morons against humanity up. We have no time left to try and rid this plague of monsters from our world. we have to make the move now.

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