Sean Brady, Cardinal Of All Ireland resigns in face of child killing investigations. Kevin Annett latest from Mark Windows.

Kevin Annett – Top Catholics are dropping like flies.  They step down without explanation.  The picture of long term horrific child abuse and ritual killing is gradually emerging.  

A common law court is setting up in Galway, focused on the mass graves of 800 ritually slaughtered babies.  Many other victims coming from Catholic orphanages.  The court is issuing summonses to all the leading church figures in Ireland.

The ITCCS plans to visit Ireland in October to assist the common law court setting up in Galway.  ITCCS will be going to England as well.

The British Government is resorting to sectioning those who come out in the open quoting ITCCS documents and convictions.  David Compan.  Soldier Vivien Cunningham.  Many are being scared off by these tactics.  The best defence is offence, put the spotlight on the criminals in power.  These people know they’re guilty.  They try to silence people before the news comes out.   Don’t back down from the threat, and they will back off.

There is more support within the system than you realise.  All the truth will get out in the wash.

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady
Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady, the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

The senior churchman whose final years as a clerical leader were dogged by abuse scandals, announced plans to step down on age grounds last month after turning 75, the standard retirement age in the church.

Archbishop Eamon Martin will take over the role as Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland – the 116th man to fill the role.
“I am looking forward to retirement and, no doubt, it will take me some time to get used to it, but it will be good to have more time for family, friends and to follow the football,” Cardinal Brady said.
The churchman faced repeated calls over the last few years from clerical sex abuse survivors to stand down.


In this UK Column Livestream, you can listen to Bill Maloney being interviewed by Lou Collins, covering Sidney Cook, Bill Roach’s acquittal – done to discourage victims from acting as witnesses. Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein. ‘Every perpetrator has a history. The rings are self-protecting. They didn’t expect the internet to come along. It’s not just politicians. It’s MOD, Police – Charles Napier. Bill’s brother died at aged 17. His sister died also.

Bill believes the Pilkingtons (glass) had something to do with the death of his brother, when Alistair Pilkington had been messing about with him. Bill’s sister died in unexplained circumstances,  two weeks after his film ‘Sun, Sea and Satan’ was released.  Film available on Youtube. 

Gruesome details given about the people who have sex with babies.  Ian Watkins.  Lost Prophets.  There is Royalty involved.  The abusers are the super rich doing what they want to do.

There are as many female paedophiles as there are men.  Bill’s late sister had named The Queen Mother.
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    This UK Column livestream link is blocked by Lambeth Libraries in south London BTW…

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    Well done Tap, !
    Never listened to UK Column before.
    It’s now on my to do list.
    They are quite a formidable team.

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    Thrown to the wolves?

    as cover?

    Vatican arrests ex-envoy Wesolowski over child abuse

    …Wesolowski, who is originally from Poland, served as a papal envoy to the Dominican Republic for five years. A Vatican spokesman said the arrest reflected Pope Francis’s wish “that such a grave and…


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