Loads of tomato sauce and photoshop. Fake beheadings exposed. Nodisinfo.

The entire beheading is staged. Regardless, what does arch-Zionist mole David Cameron think he’s doing? Is it that important to get the UK public opinion in his favor so he can continue to wage war in Iraq? Is the demonization of Islaam and Muslims so crucial for the vile Zionist-controlled governments to continue their mass murder campaign?
Too, what a distraction it is. Who speaks of the war crimes committed by the cowardly Israeli Zionists now that the focus is on the cutting of heads?

Nevertheless, it is the arch-Zionist war mongers who are entirely behind the ISIS hoax. Whether it is called ISIS, IS, Islamic State, Islamic Caliphate, and/or ISIF is irrelevant. It is all merely world Jewry propaganda. The entire entity relishes in the creation of phobias, Islamophobia being its most prominent one. Even so, the plethora of names alone is categorical evidence of the fraud. Does any actual Muslim resistance group have so many odd and sundry names? Clearly, this is not the case.

Too, who is the lone phony beheader? He is a Jew, not a Muslim.
Per PressTV:
In the footage, Haines also accused British premiers for not having the “courage to say no to the Americans.”
“Unfortunately, it is we, the British public that will, in the end, pay the price for our Parliament’s selfish decisions,” Haines said, referring to Britain’s engagement in war on the ISIL.
The British victim, who is a 44-year-old father of two from Perth in Scotland, was reportedly captured in Iraq last year.
Another hostage, identified as Alan Henning, was shown at the end of the video, with the masked terrorist saying he would be killed if Cameron continued fighting the ISIL.
The video was shot in a desert setting similar to the two previous ones with the victim wearing an orange jumpsuit.
It’s the same background as seen in the other hoax ISIS beheading clips.
Arch-Zionist mole Rita Katz used to put her logo on the videos. Not any more, not that she has been exposed for doing so.
Picture 5613
Here is a screen-grab from the Sotloff phony. There is no doubt about it he is alive and well. So is Haines.
This time there is not only no SITE logo, but there is also no fake sawing back and forth. That was omitted, as nodisinfo.com posters first alerted the world to this fake, as did a number of other Internet researchers. No fake sawing; that would be quickly exposed as proof of the fraud, that is the fact that there was apparent cutting of the throat but no surging of blood.
It’s like the other fakes. There is no proof of any beheading. That part is conveniently nonexistent in the video. Just with this fact alone how can anyone claim it as real?

Haines has a rather long, skinny neck. Where is this British spy’s neck or even a portion of that neck material? Did it shrivel away into the torso? Like the Foley and Sotloff fraud it is merely a head seen tilted at an angle, in this case and the case of the Foley hoax against the arm. In the above photo it is pointed out that there appears to be fake blood brush marks. In the arrow on the right a triplicate patter of dots is noted, following a triangular pattern, which is typical of Photoshop manipulation. Two such triplicate patterns are seen.
Triplicate patterns are seen as a result of heavy Photoshop manipulation, which was clearly the case, here. The crude three dot pattern is seen in two different multiple places, as is evident from close inspection. Regardless, it is completely anomalous and makes no sense in the event a real, natural photograph. Moreover, notice what is marked out by the green arrow. it is a repetitive blood pattern, also in a kind of triplicate pattern. This is clearly the result of computer manipulation versus the random spurting expected from actual arterial severing. The vile, hedonistic Zionists are trying harder. It is no matter; close-up inspection will always reveal the truth, that is whether it is real or fake.

Therefore, no doubt, this beheading is a fraud. The head is merely a Photoshop computer-generated fake. It’s a hoax, like the others.

Too, the flesh tones of Haine’s skin are too rich. Naturally light-skinned after the beheading the face should be far more pale, as he would have been in a real neck cutting drained of arterial blood and oxygen, which give color to the skin.
In fact, the post fake beheading tones are actually richer – or as rich – as his skin prior to the headless imagery.

In the computer-generated image Haines was give a tan. Too, it is clear: he had not Photoshop triplicate ‘blisters‘ on his face prior to the beheading hoax image. Nor was his hair so obviously razor-edged. THE BLISTERS PROVE that this video is an absolute hoax, purely a staged event.

Haines speaks and raises his eyebrow
Then, too, what about what happens right before the knife is presumably raised before the neck? What about the Haine’s wink-like reaction, as seen in the video, where he dramatically raises up his left eyebrow. He appears to say something just before doing so, something like ‘I will…” Is that not a signal to go ahead. Was “I will” a response to “Stay relaxed; don’t move; let me handle this?” 

Regardless, they are both spies working in unison. 

What else would be expected from these hostile agents, who have invaded the oil rich Middle East with the goal of undermining Islamic unity?
Haines says something. What is he doing saying anything if this was a real beheading?
He then raises is left eyebrow; it is quite dramatic on the video.

Unlike the Foley fake this time the Zionists did not throw the knife down as a prop. Nevertheless, this clearly proves that all these videos are hoaxes, as the same general pattern is used throughout, the same hoax Zionist faker acting as the beheading agent, the fact that this individual is all by himself, the staging of the filming with intermissions, and the same method of positioning the phony corpses. There is also the same use of the paint and blur tools of Photoshop, with the identifiable patterns as the marker.
The heads are always at an angle. What do the Zionists seek to achieve with this element of the imagery? Why not have the photoshopped heads placed straight up?

It’s all paint-brushed and computer generated. There is nothing real about these beheadings. All these men, Zionist spies, are still alive. The drama is merely a tool for wretched, vile Zionist Jews, who seek to create a grand distraction. All such fakes occurred after the placement of pressure upon the Zionist entity for war crimes. All are tools to create the basis for an increase in the murderous war campaigns of antagonistic Western powers in the Middle East and to justify mass murder of the innocents.

Additionally, spies, by which Sotloff, Foley, and Haines all can be identified, continuously change their identities. Fake deaths among them is routine. Additionally, Sotloff is a Jewish extremist. Why has no one mentioned anything in the media about an Israeli agent being beheaded by Muslim extremists?
Thanks to Nodisinfo.com posters for calling this out as a fake. You are the best.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have nominated david camerom and ed milipede to have their heads cut off too damn traitoes and war criminals

  2. Anonymous says:

    Faking a “beheading” the ISIS Foley-Sotloff Way


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have commented elsewhere on these pages about how ridiculous a phoney these beheadings were, although the purpose behind them remained a mystery – Until today. The main purpose was obvious – to gain public support for military action in the middle east: Problem – reaction – solution, but why ? The US/UK created, trained, armed, funded ISIS, why would the want to start bombing them ?. Obama’s latest statement on ISIS makes the objective clear – He intends to attack ISIS in Syria, and if the Syrian government interferes he will launch airstrikes against Assad’s forces.
    Doesn’t take a genius to work out. When Obama, about two years ago, completely out of the blue warned Assad against using chemical weapons I correctly predicted that Assad would be seen to ‘use chemical weapons’.For my next prediction – Assad’s forces will be seen to ‘fire on, possibly even down a US aircraft’, which will lead the US to completely ignore ISIS and bomb the crap out of Assads forces.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Watch out for the splitting up of ISIS, ISIL & IS, I think this was the plan all along, confuse the hell out of everyone & make it seem like there’s three groups of head chopping maniacs on the loose when in actuality there’s none cause it’s all a psyop.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s all part of the grand plan : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw

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