Karen Hudes tells her story, and how the world’s bankers think and behave


While the military might of the USA is given over to promote the interests of the Vatican, and SMOMs are put into place to hold the wealth of the world flowing to the Vatican, the dollar will be destroyed as the world’s reserve currency, and American military might will no longer be pre-eminent.

Hudes says the secrets are spilling out.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a non-starter.

Fukushima was done to punish Japan for starting to break away from the financial cartel.   Hudes says gold will be the new world currency.  Who knows?

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19 Responses to “Karen Hudes tells her story, and how the world’s bankers think and behave”

  1. Anonymous says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI5lEZaHCaI Tony Rooke Wins In Court – BBC conspired in 9/11 cover-up

    Karen Hudes is suspect – she and Ben Fulford tried to sell a YT vid for $500,000 for the ‘info’ it contained. There were no takers! Also check out her husband Barry’s connection to Agenda 21.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A complete nut that has unfortunately been a very competent person but has now totally lost the plot.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t trust this lady she popped up when things were not going right for the shsyters in charge. She’s always having a dig at the pope and blaming them for everything. I think she’s working for the Money Junkies. They like to shift blame. She’s just another tool.

  4. Anonymous says:

    karen hudes is a jewess and still on the bank payroll
    shes an obvious fraud, reading this trash was like something from wasp

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    I dont know about this one tap,
    Karen Hudes is a well known jewess
    who has been caught bullshitting before, and this vatican thing is laughable
    no sorry for me this one is a thumbs down

  7. Anonymous says:

    Conspiracy radio unmasked this women as a total fake and ranked alongside greg hallet wasp and ben fulford
    I am surprised you put this one up tap ?
    regards Tom

  8. I wasn’t going to comment but the flavour of the day is obvious to all.

    Clues to her being an asset at work.

    1. She didn’t get hit before we knew of her.
    2.She is still alive.
    3.She hasn’t been banged up in a nuthouse imbibing psychotropics.
    4.She isn’t flogging Chink rip off DVDs and assorted WTO approved thefts of intellectual property from the gutter.

    Go check out how the CHEKA dealt with whistleblowers, and still do, check out how the money power dealt with dissenters to the start of WW1, as they still do.

    Karen here is still knee deep in MSM onanism jism and fine wines.

    Any more clues needed?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Henry, i read an article yestersday on the jesuit attck on gaza, i mean well, and today this article is no better, i dont know if we are supposed to laugh or not but i think everyone would agree its crap

  10. Anonymous says:

    Worth a read http://redefininggod.com/2014/09/mainstream-globalist-propaganda-reveals-eastwest-conflict-is-a-farce/

    The Economist rag ‘predicted’ back in 1988 the fall and rise of a new world currency for 2018. Who owns The Economist? No surprises!

  11. Anonymous says:

    you mean the jesuits didnt attack gaza ? gosh then who did ?
    I am the most easy going bload
    minded chap you could ever meet.
    i speak to homosexuals socialists even a welshman once,
    but tosh like this women karen hudes stick in my craw
    shes sucking deep on the jewish cock like a good whore should
    nothing more

  12. Tapestry says:

    Hudes is the usual mix of information and disinformation. She uses techniques such as not answering the question posed. She’s on a channel using her to get business. All the same, it’s good to keep an eye on her from time to time.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      ” The world only answers to New Venice (Britain) and its ancient Londinium powers (New Jerusalem). Why doesn’t Hudes and others give you this sort of level of information I present on the Venetian powers and their evil actions against Europe?

      Why do these people ignore these facts and always point the finger at the Vatican but ignore what stares them right in the face from New Venice and its forks the United States and Canada? This Zeusian system is mastered from the Trans-Atlantic region meaning New Venice and its New World plantations. Why hasn’t this Hudes character been trying to help along the BRICS New Development Bank system instead of trying to create yet another extra system that just ends up mudding the waters? ”

      ” Listen, for hundreds of years people have craved an alternative system so do you think a bit of chatter from someone ill-informed will make a difference? In order to make a difference you have to have not only backbone but you have to be protected by nuclear and covert weaponry as well as have access to the likes of gold bullion. This was the flaw in Promethean Mummar Qaddafi’s United States of Africa plan because he didn’t have nuclear weapons as a protection. Do you honestly believe the BRICS would be possible without Russia and Putin combined? ”


  13. Anonymous says:

    Hold ona minute no one is being fair to karen hudes, i support her all the way.
    Not for what she says because that bullshit, but i support her right to suck as much jewish cock as she likes, and she should not be criticised for it

  14. Anonymous says:

    back home in Nigeria, we have some people who speak rubbish all the time and we pray for them,
    this woman she clearly be deluded.
    jews always blame the vatican now, as soon as you hear this you know ‘ah more jew talk ‘
    Lattoya Bandaoginskyevskhinove

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap just seen this, and i thought it must be april fools day, its outright nonsence alright, in fact until i saw the name i thought it was another wasp piece

  16. Anonymous says:

    I thought i would google karen Hudes and there is some odd stuff on the net about her, do you think shes a jesuit ? or even a boy nobber ?
    because shes sure as hell not a whistleblower

  17. Anonymous says:

    Most comments just show the schoolboy crassness of the people who visit this site. Because she’s a Jew, of you go on your infantile rants. Laughable.

  18. Tapestry says:

    Many readers say they are unable to get comments through. Many others are placed by shills. Don’t exercise your mind or emotions over comments.

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