ITCCS update. Police agencies act on information supplied by ITCCS. Alfred Webre.

30 children released in Romania – Portuguese and Romanian children being supplied to sacrificial cults in Belgium and Holland,

The period from abduction to rape, torture and execution is normally 48 hours.

Joseph Ratzinger being held in protective custody in The Vatican, so he can’t be brought to trial. 

Montreal Police assist with ITCCS investigations in Canada.

Documentary film to be made on this.  Children supplied from third world countries.   Indian reservations.  Catholic institutions.  Cargill Inc heavily involved in abducting children off Indian reservations.  Sacrificial rituals are taking place in Cargill Headquarters.

Arrest warrants are to be issued against Cargill executives.  HSBC are deeply involved in the handling of the funding of child trafficking.  Cargill has the highest revenue of any privately owned business in America.  Cargill routinely violate child labour laws. Children sourced in the same places for Satanic rituals as for labour.

The government works hand in glove with corporations to terrorise the natives by stealing their children and killing them, to get them to concede and hand over their lands and resources.

The US Dept of Agriculture is involved.  Mainstream media in Canada is reporting the detention of Cardinal in The Vatican as damage control.  The Vatican say they will reprimand the man, but they haven’t done so.  The Vatican is still getting away with crimes against humanity.  We have to perform Citizen’s Arrests, and keep pushing the Common Law effort until police forces in all nations are forced to act.

Kevin’s break lines were cut last week.  A group of ITCCS was attacked by a group of four men, who tried to get their laptops.  It was in New England.  They were invited to talk to Amnesty International in Philadelphia and were about to talk when the attack happened.  They rescheduled the talk.

Kevin’s over to Brussels and other places in Europe in October.  A Brussels Parliamentarian was arrested and imprisoned for exposing the paedophiles in power in Belgium.

In Montreal the Police are evenly split between those cooperating with the Satanists, and those who are seeing the light.  People within the system are being forced to choose now, in the church, the Police and elsewhere in the system.  There are stand down orders being issued now, with people taking new oaths of loyalty to the people, and being willing to act independently.

The actual entities of Lucifer and Satan have already been adjudged by the Divine being and have been disempowered, and terminated as souls.  There are a lot of very confused demons and people in the afterlife, and on earth.  The battle in heaven has been won.  We’re now mopping up on earth.

In a spiritual sense we’ve won, but we can’t sit on our laurels.  An entity on the way out gets even more vicious.  People who are possessed are lost and increasingly vicious.  The common law is based on common sense.  Kevin sees a lot of the evidence that evil is still afoot.  Look at the whole battle.  There is no room for complacency.

He’s going to Germany, Munich where the SS Knights of Darkness are in place.  He’s going to Italy and to carry out actions at The Vatican.

The covention to establish The Republic Of Canata is scheduled in January 4th in Winipeg.  In England there is a convention inMay 2015 to disestablish The Crown.  This is a critical period.

Be grounded in your own soul and in mother earth.  Children are being killed as we speak.  We have to go after Cargill, HSBC and all the big money driving the abduction and ritual sacrificial killing of children.

On a lighter note –

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    Great news more more more

    have noticed that many of those TRUTHERS using skyp are getting strange noises.

    well worth the persistence though in listening due to the invaluable info


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    Hi TAP seems the RHS x2 links are dead this is is good:-

    William Cooper
    Behold A Pale Horse ( Audio Book)


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