ISIS was created nearly 100 years ago

The media – and government – acts
like ISIS sprang up out of thin air.

In fact, the ground for ISIS and all
“Muslim” extremism was created by
the US a long time ago.

  In the first part of this series was saw how America’s leading bankers and industrialists – Rockefeller, Walker, Dupont, Harrriman, Ford, Mellon, Bush etc. – funded and supported the Nazis in German, the Bolsheviks in Russia and the terrorists who established the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia.)

Nearly 100 years later, the State Department and Justice Department continue to protect their creations.

If you ever wondered why the US can’t defeat a rag-tag band of terrorists, now you know.

The expert on this call is former US military officer John Loftus who worked for the Justice Department as a Nazi hunter. He was punished for finding too many of them.

We can’t possibly understand or deal with what’s going on today unless millions of Americans are aware of these facts so spread the word.

If you missed Part One of this series click here for “How America Lost Its Way”

NOTE: This video also demonstrates that Islam and the Arab world have nothing do to with the terrorist extremists fostered by the US and British who are currently running amok.

To claim that Islam is a religion of violence or that Arabs by nature are predatory is pure slander. A truer statement would be that the government of the US follows a religion of violence and behaves in a predatory manner.

“Running” terrorists for their own purpose is a decades-old UK and US trick right up to the present day. The program is simple: Create a disaster and then profit from it, often by creating “laws” to reduced citizen freedoms.

This explains the Department of Justice gun running program to Mexican drug cartels. It also explains how Department of Justice attorney Michael Chertoff was able to deliver a complete draft of the massive PATRIOT Act while the fires of 9/11 were still burning. – See more at:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ISIS stands for Isreali Secret Intel SErvice
    and isis are jeish

  2. The Slakhtal jew attacked the USA on 9/11 end of story!

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