If Labour wins, they’re preparing to slip this little idea past you

Mr Savage informed the viewing audience that:
– There will be a constitutional reset.
– This reset would be facilitated through referenda held at the parish level.
More or less the suggestion proposed by David Miliband. In addition Mr Savage suggested replacing Britain’s complex tax regime with a bank transaction tax, and that the money so raised could be used to offer everyone in the country a “living wage” of £7500 per year. This was “the hook”.
But then came the barb. Mr Savage explained that he and his colleagues “have discussed this idea (Constitutional re-set) with many groups countrywide who were broadly in support of this approach. One group we spoke to were a group of environmentalists at the London School of Economics.”
That’s the same London School of Economics which has long been a hotbed of Miliband Fabian Marxism.
In a little name-dropping to add credibility to his Reset proposals, Mr Savage added that Polly Higgins had been looking to bring in a law of “ecocide” and that Michael Meacher MP suggested that in order to overcome the existing constitutional deadlock there would need to be a social movement built. Mr Savage clearly views the Reset as that social movement.

TAP – It sounds perfect, until you realise you have no rights.  It’s Agenda 21.  Be ready to resist.  This will be sprung after the next election.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    isis revealed to be israel
    big surprise- not
    see here

  2. Anonymous says:

    Banks already ‘tax’ transactions through their charges – 3% when using cards in some banks. Sensible people will start using cash.

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