Hong Kong democracy demonstrations. CNN reporters tear gassed.

hong kong democracy protests
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has said that 44 branches, offices or ATMs from 23 differentbanks have been temporarily shut down as pro-democracy protests continue to engulf the city’s financial district.
The “Occupy Central” protestors are demanding that the Chinese government tear up its plans for political reform, which they claim are undemocratic. Beijing has decided that election candidates will be nominated by a committee of 1,200 people, whereas the protestors are demanding universal suffrage for 2017’s vote for a new city chief executive.
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2 Responses to “Hong Kong democracy demonstrations. CNN reporters tear gassed.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gas masks to the ready ?

    umbrellas to the ready



  2. Jennifer says:

    Ahhh, fantastic. The CIA are taking on the Chinese government via HK.
    Really? Ha ha.
    Let’s see how the really big dog bites back!

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