Here’s what we’re doing in Ukraine. Cameron must go.

Conflict zone photographs by Andrei Stenin, Russian journalist killed in Ukraine.  

He disappeared August 4th.

Students and staff members of a school in eastern Ukraine’s Sloviansk hide in a basement during an attack of the Ukrainian army, 2014

© Photo by Andrei Stenin. Courtesy of Rossiya Segodnya international news agency

The eyes of the people in the cellar say it all.  Out at ground level, their families and friends are dying.
BELOW – a girl waves goodbye to her mother, being evacuated from Sloviansk in Eastern Ukraine being shelled by the Ukrainian army, as part of the EU/NATO provocation of Russia, as they try to get war started.
On September 3 Russia’s news agency Rossiya Segodnya (formerly RIA Novosti) confirmed the death of photojournalist Andrei Stenin, who disappeared on August 5 working in eastern Ukraine. His car came under fire and burnt out on a road near the city of Donetsk. Andrei Stenin was only 33 years old.

The circumstances of Andrei Stenin’s disappearance

On August 8, Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya (formerly known as RIA Novosti) announced it had lost contact with its photo reporter Andrei Stenin who worked in eastern Ukraine. Stenin’s colleagues said they had no information about his whereabouts, adding that he could have headed towards the town of Shakhtersk together with militia forces.
At the same time the iKorpus news agency reported that its two photojournalists Sergei Korenchenkov and Andrei Vyachalo, who were traveling in the same car with Stenin, had also gone missing. 

Search for Andrei Stenin 

As soon as Stenin was reported missing, a source in Eastern Ukraine said that he had been captured that he was captured by Ukrainian security officers and taken to the city of Zaporozhye.
On August 12, Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior minister, said that Stenin could have been arrested by Ukrainian security services. However, on August 16 Gerashenko said Stenin was put on the wanted list.
On August 18, Alexander Shtol, the chief of Rossiya Segodnya photo service, said he believed that Ukraine might want to exchange Stenin for some important person.
On August 20, Gerashchenko said that Ukraine’s law enforcers had no information on Stenin’s fate.
Russia’s steps.
On August 11, the Russian Embassy in Kiev sent a note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry requesting information on the whereabouts of Russian photojournalist Andrei Stenin
On August 12 ,the Russian Investigative Committee investigating committee opened a criminal case into Stenin’s kidnapping.
On August 15, the Russian Embassy in Kiev sent a second note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry requesting to comment on the reports of Stenin’s alleged detention by Ukraine’s special services.

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