Handling the psychopath. Human Predators.

Oh TAP, you are welcome. 

Love being involved here.

Painting and listening to…
Part 1: John Lash & Thomas Sheridan Handling Psychopaths Human Predators 

Next I will listen to..

Part 2: John Lash Thomas Sheridan Handling the Psychopath Human Predators: 

Funny, it was Chloe George who referenced Thomas Sheridan and I’m already a fan of John lamb Lash.

Thinking about it: it is fascinating Camoron mentioned 9/11 Truthers being the equivalent to ISIS terrorists. It was a desperate, silly comment. They are cracking. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to waken up a bit, give Chloe George a few minutes to lighten up.

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