How IGas withdrew from Barton Moss. Ian Crane interviews Simon Pook.

86 year old Anne Powers, the heroine of Barton Moss.  The Police (=corporate enforcers) would not arrest her and moved her out of the way before TAU (Thugs Are Us) moved in and seized younger victims using torture positions.  

There’s a lesson here.  More old people required to join Protection camps and demonstrations at Fracking sites.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done to all the activists shown in this video.
    The fracking in Australia is an abomination, all that land destroyed at will.
    Agenda 21 must be the reason it has been done.
    A drilling rig has been recently built at Armthorpe, near the public wood, in Doncaster UK.
    This is the thin end of the fracking wedge, is there a anti- fracking group in this area.

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