Ebola or flu pandemic – The hospital is the most dangerous place to go

Summary overview of the first episode at www.biodefense.com: –
  • This information is intended to help save lives
  • What you get from “official” sources is incomplete and often just propaganda
  • Why this information is being released for free
  • How the CDC will get a lot of people killed in a pandemic
  • You need to expand your knowledge to increase your odds of survival
  • The CDC is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the vaccine industry
  • Vaccines are foolishly worshipped as the one and only solution to any outbreak
  • Modern medicine is clueless if they don’t have a vaccine
  • Why the medical industry refuses to recommend nutritional therapies and natural medicines
  • If there is an Ebola outbreak, the hospital is the most dangerous place to go
  • Ebola is spreading through taxi cabs
  • You can be infected by touching a contaminated surface
  • Why the media will lie to you about pandemics
  • The truth about mainstream media censorship of vaccine truth
  • Why an Ebola vaccine may be completely worthless even if it exists
  • The shocking truth about flu shots and why they don’t protect against this year’s influenza strains
  • Natural immune-boosting therapies that help protect you from ANY flu strain
  • The outright abandonment of medical ethics by government and medical institutions
  • The ability of pandemic viruses to adapt and evolve is far faster than the ability of vaccine makers to manufacture vaccines
  • Why an “Ebola vaccine” may be obsolete on the very first day it’s available
  • To survive, you need to think beyond the vaccine
  • Ask yourself: Why do some people live and others die from Ebola?
  • Experimental Ebola drug has so far produced a 40% fatality rate
  • Why you already have a genetic blueprint for survival
  • How to activate your genetic “miracle” that will keep you alive
  • Why modern humans are frail and weak compared to our ancestors
  • We are all living in an immunosuppressive environment
  • There are far better options available than what the corrupt medical institutions are hawking
  • If you want to live, you need to have a plan that doesn’t rely on the vaccine industry
  • Why I’m driven by compassion for humanity and the drive to save lives

TAP – This presentation doesn’t mention very high doses of Vitamin C, which means 20,000 mg an hour. It doesn’t mention homeoprophylaxis, which has proved highly effective around the world. Vitamin D is vital, I agree. He’s pushing Zinc. 

Flu shots are a hoax. They only offer protection against last year’s outbreak. Ebola is a virus which has multiple strains and develops new strains all the time. There will be no effective vaccines, as they will be out of date. Think beyond the vaccine. He’s a a bit of a fear-monger, which grabs attention. That said he has many good points.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry put my comment on the wrong page….but..
    Did you know the US government PATENTED the EBOLA virus in 2008 !!!
    Does this mean they invented it ???

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