Dr Stan Monteith passes

Watch at 22 minutes onwards.  Stan Monteith started fighting the NWO in 1962.  He does 5 hours of Talk Radio five days a week.  

In this piece, Stan talks about his illness, chemotherapy and alternative medicine.  ‘All we can do is wait and see what God wills’.  


How the globalists funded the NAZIs, then double crossed them. Hitler lived twenty years beyond the Second World War in comfort in South America.

Until the American people realise they’re being lied to, nothing will change.  People will have to get reinvolved in politics and community locally.  We’re governed top-down.  We need to fight back bottom up.

The occultists rely on supernatural power.  There really is a supernatural component to life.  There really is a God.  If more and more people turn to God, the spiritual battle will be won.  It is a spiritual battle being fought on a political platform.

Jefferson quote.  God gave us life and liberty.  Heaven help America if she turns away from God.  America has turned against God.  If there was a massive awakening, we’d stand a chance and win the spiritual battle.  It is not an ideological battle.  It’s a spiritual battle.

Hi Tap, 

Just to let you know that Dr Stanley Monteith died this morning aged 85. 

More about him on Infowars.com 

An old Tap friend

TAP – Watching Stan Monteith’s videos, “The Brotherhood Of Darkness” and “None Dare Call It Genocide’ was the first time I really ‘got it’ as regards awakening to the NWO and the Depopulation Agenda, around three and a half years ago.  

His calm persistent voice and eloquence held my attention for those hours, unlocking a hundred questions in my mind, and starting the flow of understanding for me and many others who then came here and have joined us on The Tap.  

The reader who emailed me was one of those.  She also used to be a regular contributor to the blog, but a member of her family was threatened in some way, and she made it clear she could no longer continue.

In the videos I watched that day Stan Monteith listed out the names of books he recommended as he spoke.  I scratched down the names on a piece of paper, and bought a few.  One was World Without Cancer by Edward G Griffin.  That was the second and confirming piece that brought my understanding to yet another level.

Ever since whenever I’ve seen videos with Dr Stan speaking, it has always been enlightening.  His part of ‘Agenda 21 For Dummies‘ was, for me, the moment the dots could join yet further, and I could understand the growing level of threat being deployed against us.

Whenever I hear the musical intro on Radio Liberty, it brings a lump to my throat.  The connection I feel to Dr Stan is more than merely intellectual.  His belief in the need for a spiritual awakening as the only way to stop the Satanists stays in my mind.  How is that to happen, as it must.  

His message lives on, and must grow from here.  Hear the music very briefly just below, and remember one of the greatest men who has ever lived, unrecognised and unheard of by the majority of people across the world.  His message is the most important one imaginable.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    there is some propaganda in this, as soon as people hear this they switch off

  2. NPP says:

    “The Muslim faith is a Satanic religion…Mohammed was Satanically possessed…”
    That’s quite a statement!
    I don’t think my non drinking praying Turkish business partner would take kindly to this.

    Mind you, listen to John Lamb Lash and Thomas Sheriden and they talk of Jesus being a good bloke, a remarkable teacher, but not the ‘soon of God’ and we consider the genocide of indigenous peoples aropund the world and the elimination of the gnostic tradition… much for your conventionally taught pupil to contemplate.

    I much enjoyed talks of Dr Stan Monteith, not seen so many, but hours enough to get the gist.

    Here’s to you Stan.

    BBC R4… just heard Camoron talking more bollocks, plus a dental expert giving her ‘expert’ advise on dental care for children. Oh my goodness, my brain starts grinding.

    Stan, I dream of the day when your like is free to communicate your ideas to a wider audience without fear, so we can take the the useful good stuff and leave alone that which does not resonate.

    The BBC just told me it is illegal to take apart a firework. Really? The Nanny state rocks on!

  3. Tapestry says:

    A friend of mine works with people possessed by demons. He drives them out with doors banging and winds swirling in his house. The possessed people, usually by demons summoned up by black magic gangs, go through a terrible experience, sweating, crying and so on, but afterwards are completely calm. Their personalities change instantly, and they can see what they couldn’t see before.

    He drives them out in the name of Jesus Christ.

    There is much that is hidden from us, and therefore hard to understand. He also releases trapped spirits from buildings . Using the same method – ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’. How do the non-believers explain these things? Don’t decide what you think at the beginning, NPP. Just keep looking and be open to the possibility. It might be a way or the way we can succeed and win. I am a lifelong sceptic too.

    Dr Stan Monteith was absolutely sure. My experience is that strongly Christian people are far stronger in battling evil than anyone else. I have no explanation for any of these things. We know the church is penetrated at the top by Satanists. We know the bible was a heavily edited version of the original message, but still there is a power that cannot be explained. Keep an open mind, NPP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    since the first claims of the holocaust began in the 60s experts have known it was just cobblers, but this man repeats it as if it was real.
    There are also muslim and sufi exorcists who drive out demons, and hindu exorcists too
    you cant demonise muslims the way the jes do at that too is cobblers

  5. Jennifer says:

    As a cradle Catholic who was immersed in the teaching of the New Testament without any understanding of it whatsoever, and so as a questioning, rational, sort of person became atheistic, then more agnostic, and eventually now more inclined to believe in the importance of the spiritual dimension of our lives. But now with so much more understanding which comes from personal experience and research. No priestly intercessors.
    What really matters is ‘Goodness’ and ‘Truth’.
    Real people know this is how we should behave towards each other, we inherently know the difference – every child does.
    We have allowed an infection to contaminate our thinking and behaviour.
    Goodness can drive out the evil.

  6. Anonymous says:

    first we must re criminalise homosexuality
    and all these dirty boy nobbers must be put in prison

  7. NPP says:

    Noted TAP. Thanks.

    I meant son, not soon! Though made me laugh reading back.

    Dr Fox has just been arrested, London DJ… another scape goat diversion? Anything to avoid the real issue of child violation.

  8. TMWKTMBNE says:

    God Bless Dr Stan, he stood for the truth.

    And well said TAP (quoted from above):

    Tap said: “My experience is that strongly Christian people are far stronger in battling evil than anyone else.”

    A: The reason is because: Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

    TAP said: “I have no explanation for any of these things. We know the church is penetrated at the top by Satanists.”

    A: The Roman Church is just the pagan Roman Empire wearing the clothes of Christianity. Julius Caeser’s religious title was ‘Pontifax Maximus’, the head of their Priesthood. That’s a title the Pope still uses today. They are Pagan Satanists, which explains why they’ve murdered tens of millions of Christians since the time of Christ.

    TAP said: “We know the bible was a heavily edited version of the original message.”

    A: Please don’t believe all that Da Vinci Code rubbish! It’s just black propaganda.

    Paul even spoke of this in the scriptures: “For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God…” 2 Corinthians, 2:17

    All modern bibles ARE deeply corrupted; so is the Catholic Vulgate. What we have in English is the 1611 King James, taken from the ‘majority text’ which is 98% of all manuscripts in existence.
    Modern corrupted bibles are taken from the other <2%.

    So, don’t believe the hype!

    “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.”
    Ephesians 2:8

  9. Anonymous says:

    “All modern bibles are deeply corrupted”.

    Modern Bibles are becoming more and more corrupted I agree but the KJV only slant is a serious error.

    Perhaps tmwktmbne you can explain?

    How Tap was the Bible “heavily edited”?

    The whole point is that it is not “hidden” but revealed.

    John 14.17

    It comes with the Spirit.

  10. David Beard says:

    Hi Tap your honest and sincere question deserves an answer,god bless you in this endeavour of your life. this is the only way to defeat the satanic evil in all its forms in this world.
    DJ EXPAThttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EggcKbbrkvo

  11. Anonymous says:

    Every video of this Great Man Dr Stan Monteith, is a tribute to his memory.
    What a wonderful memory, not even any notes.
    God Bless him, tell others of his Quest for truth.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Monteith Tribute

    The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday October 3 2014: Dr. Monteith Tribute, Syrian Girl
    Ron Gibson

    See :- @ 22. mins



  13. Tapestry says:

    Thanks to you all for those links. Great stuff to listen to. And incredibly important.

  14. Tapestry says:

    It is my belief that the Christian message was doctored by the Roman Empire before they allowed it to become the official religion of the Empire. I am sure Christ would have abhorred slavery, yet in the bible, slavery is not questioned. Money is left alone – ‘render unto Caesar’ – for the powerful to manipulate.

    War is also not challenged. I am sure Christ’s message would have included a powerful opposition to these things. That said, God’s message has to come from somewhere. The message of good has to stand and the defeat the wilful destruction of the Satanists.

    They draw on supernatural power, and so do we need to do the same.

  15. Adam Lightworker says:

    Im starting to believe this, this is so right.

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