Defend yourself against South Yorkshire Police, Neil. The villains wear the uniform.

The way things are going, I should take a leaf out of Michael Doherty book, and call my up and coming trial, ‘Stitch up in Sheffield’.

Today I have had a letter from my solicitor, who has prepared a defence without my knowledge, and it seems that the Prosecution are going to try and introduce a ‘Bad Character’ application against me.

This is yet more EU based rhetoric that undermines the established rights of British Citizens, and for it to be given such a powerful influence in any case, goes to show that this is a blatantly malicious prosecution by the CPS and South Yorkshire Police, who themselves are on the back foot, now that they are holding the ‘hot potato’ in the form of a desk top PC taken from here, containing evidence of very serious allegations of crime committed by South Yorkshire Police et al. 

The fact that this PC has not even been mentioned or acknowledged as even being in their possession speaks volumes!

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4 Responses to “Defend yourself against South Yorkshire Police, Neil. The villains wear the uniform.”

  1. It seems that CPS act as ‘prolonged arms’ of the Police. Some are even in the same building.

    And there is nobody to Police the Police.

    Besides there is the Royal Charter that makes members of a society immune from prosecution.


  2. Anonymous says:

    greville Janners solicitor cited that he had immunity from prosecution, janner just stood there smiling

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Help the police-beat yourself up”

    Anyone remember that slogan?

    With forces such as Manchester being run by a criminal, and North Wales’s finest having over thirty senior officers with serious criminal convictions, then holding a clean record when applying for a job with them would seriously go against you.

    Mind you I would still prefer our bald tyre and speed fine coppers to private companies run by organised crime.

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