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The Police claim to have disbanded the

Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) but is not ‘now disbanded’ as the media

keep saying. These same people and same organisation which used the

identities of dead babies to father children with environmentalists, smear the

Lawrence family and jail environmental activists are now operating under the

less snappy title of National Public Order intelligence Unit, NPOIU

They also have the Domestic Extremism Unit which has a database of ‘domestic extremists’ running into 10s of thousands.

Did you ever go  on a demonstration? Ever attended a community meeting objecting to council plans for sewage pipe? Ever written a political blog with radical ideas? Union organiser? You are on it, along with thousands of others.

Political spies and political enforcers are working under-cover to disrupt *any* politics that takes place outside the centre’ of politics. Outside mainstream media, political parties and the accepted NGOs.

The UK is a political police state  worse than the Stasi in East Germany 
We have more spy cops than any other western nation and the most sophisticated political surveillance infrastructure anywhere in the world.

Activists are set-up and thrown into jail. Child abuse whistle-blowers  and potential whistle-blowers and campaigners are targeted and even murdered.  People like Jill Dando and  Princess DIana.

They  have jailed ex Jersey  minister Stuart Syvret,   jailed Holly Grieg campaigner Robert Green, exiled  ex spook and child abuse whistle-blower Andrea Davison now a refugee in South America. It is no coincidence that  Andrea  and was set-up by the same CPS barrister Felicity Gerry QC who set-up the Rathbone Powers Station activists using police spy Mark Kennedy above.

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    How to spot a fake terrorist.

    1) Do they repeat the official conspiracy theories and propaganda lies fed to you by David Cameron and the legacy media regarding previous false flag attacks ?

    2) Timing – how convenient right on cue and fitting the script.

    3) What school did they go to ?

    4) How prominent is the article and is it embellished with other linked propaganda pieces ?

    5) Do Other media whores repeat the tale ?

    6) Are the top reader comments rigged and on message ?

    The conspiracy theory newspaper The Daily Mail have embellished Cameron’s terror tales with this unlikely Jihhadi.

    The private school jihadist: As PM unveils new terror crackdown, a Scots girl incites bloody massacre on British streets

    Last year she abandoned a university course to join fanatical Islamic State jihadists fighting in Syria.

    Since then she has tweeted a series of radical messages, including a call for others to copy the shocking murder of soldier Lee Rigby, the Boston Marathon bombing ….

    Read more:

    Aangirfan do a fine job busting this one.

    Never forget the complicity of the media if there is a UK false flag attrocity.

    David Cameron using fake terrorism is stealing your liberties and starting wars.

    Same campaign same message

  2. Anonymous says:

    The western press are dead in the water now…Money for nothing and your chicks for free hey DM & Co You had a good run but we have left you standing with your pants down.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The western press are dead in the water now…Money for nothing and your chicks for free hey DM & Co You had a good run but we have left you standing with your pants down.

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