Kevin Annett: UK&Ireland fail to stop ITCCS action. The Royal family is linked to 9th Circle sacrificial cults. 

The 800 babies discovered in Ireland bear signs of sacrificial ritual.
Britain attempts to have Annett arrested in Ireland, but he’s tipped off by an insider.   Sean Brady the head of the Catholic church in Ireland forced an 11 year old to sign a paper saying he hadn’t been raped  by a priest.  The victim has come forward to ITCCS.

British Law still has a sedition law, which makes you guilty of a crime if you advocate the ending of the Monarchy, as Annett does, saying that their involvement in child ritual sacrifice ends their authority, and as far as he is concerned, they are criminals and cannot act as Royalty.  Eyewitnesses have named members of the Royal family as members of The 9th Circle Sacrificial Cult.

Anyone who attends a public meeting criticising any member of the Royal family on more than two occasions can be sectioned and placed in a mental hospital without trial for at least 30 days.  He took the threat of extradition from Ireland to the UK seriously.

In Montreal, the raid on the sacrificial ritual, confirmed earlier allegations from witnesses in New York against Kerry Brick, and Stephen Holding are involved, and they were about to murder two children at midnight.  Sun Valley Idaho is a child sourcing centre for child ritual killers from all over America from the 9th Circle Cult.  Children are abducted from two local Indian reservations, also from Saskatchewan and Arizona.  The Cult uses children to seize Indian lands and resources, threatening the parents with loss of their children to gruesome torture if they don’t hand over their lands.

In Coventry UK, the common law court’s had its third meeting with a hundred people in attendance.

Rotherham covered.  If fathers went to rescue their children from the child trafficking cult, they were arrested.

Perth, Melbourne – have field secretaries for Asia for ITCCS, which has 1800 members in common law courts around the world, growing all the time.

The mafia in Europe provides the children for sacrificial ritual and child hunting parties.  Younger people are in favour of abolishing the Monarchy in England.   Only older people have nostalgia for the past.  Two thirds of Canadians want an end to the Monarchy.

There are still laws standing in England abolishing the Monarchy and the House Of Lords from the era of Cromwell.  A military coup from Charles Stuart reimposed the Lords and the Monarchy illegally.  ITCCS says there is a firm legal basis to abolish the Monarchy.

80% of the wealth of the UK is owned by a lot less than 1% of the population.  The Royal family is parasitic, maintaining their illegal lifestyle.  The Queen is trying to renegotiate the return of Britain to the Catholic Church.  Canada doesn’t have a lawful government until they get rid of the Crown of England.  The Crown overthrew the rebels in 1837, and gave the Church total power.  That was the cause of the genocide of the Indian peoples.  The Crown and the Church of Rome, and the Anglican Church should be disestablished.  A new nation is coming about by people doing things.  Write to The Republic Of Kanata at and find out how you can get involved in the Common Law movement.

The East Coast of the USA has acting half a dozen sherriffs working in support of the common law court groups.  Germany is really excited by the idea, as is Italy, where the Catholic Church runs the Court system.  Ireland too.  Infiltration is a big issue, so they are taking protective measures.  Cardinal Sean Brady is involved in child sacrificial rituals.  Any repression causes more to come along. I stopped at 28 minutes.  Back for the rest later.

POPE – Strange announcements coming from him.  Three of his relatives die within three days of the takedown in Montreal.  He talks of illness and not being there for much longer.  The corporate backers, the funders do the money-laundering for the drug cartels – Bank Of America, HSBC.  They’re the real power centre not the Pope.  Cargill will be served with common law summonses, demonstrations.  Write to ITCCS to get involved going after the corporate sector that funds all the evil.  Corporate-church-state are always the three responsible for genocide.  The Jesuits ran the fur trade that built Canada.  Follow the money.  Human trafficking and child trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘the queen is looking to return lands to the catholic church ” what bollox, no where do the documents say this, so where did it come from ?
    both catholic church and the monarchy should go

  2. Anonymous says:

    Show us the proof! Where is the court so we may visit and give support? Answer is usually ‘it has to be in secret’ which is one MAJOR cop-out.
    And another thing. It was not just the catholic church which was involved in the residential schools it was the protestant church of Canada so why is Annett keeping the title ‘Rev’ in front of his name when the whole damned set up is guilty of crimes against humanity?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think its another BS. story. ..All talk no do…watch …

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thrown to the wolves?

    as cover?

    Vatican arrests ex-envoy Wesolowski over child abuse

    …Wesolowski, who is originally from Poland, served as a papal envoy to the Dominican Republic for five years. A Vatican spokesman said the arrest reflected Pope Francis’s wish “that such a grave and…


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