Berlusconi accuses West of irresponsible attitude towards Russia

ROME, September 07, /ITAR-TASS/. Italy’s former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition party Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday accused NATO and Western leaders of irresponsible attitudes towards Russia.
“We are strangled by a most profound economic crisis, the situation is only worsening and it the situation is being aggravated by the international situation and the decisions of European leaders, heads of Western countries, the United States and NATO, who were irresponsible and unthinking to make null and void of the enormous work done after the signing of the Pratica di Mare agreement [on the establishment of the Russia-NATO Council – ITAR-TASS) that ended the 50-year-long Cold War,” he said.
He said that the recent development around the Ukrainian crisis, the United States’ and the European Union’s policy of sanctions against Russia were an irresponsible decision of the world leaders. 

“Russia cannot but defend Ukrainian citizens of the Russian origin who are like brothers for Russians,” he noted.

TAP – Ukrainians are fellow Europeans, as are Russians.  I found Americans very different to us culturally, when I visited the USA and did business there over many years.  The expectation from years of Hollywood was that we would be almost identical in outlook, but we aren’t.  

In Russia and Ukraine, on the other hand, I felt almost at home, their culture and attitudes are so close to our own. That was not my expectation either after living with daily anti-Russian propaganda throughout The Cold War.  They keep nations separated from each other with visa requirements for no real reason, other than to prevent peoples from knowing how friendly they are with each other.  So wars can be orchestrated.

We also had many Ukrainians visiting us over many years in the UK, starting with choirs from the Llangollen Eisteddfod, but later on with children from Cernobyl area sent over by charities, and adults.  The children didn’t cry but the adults did, seeing how we lived.  They said that there was no middle class left in Ukraine after they were all wiped out by Stalin, and it  broke their hearts to see a nice house with a happy family living in it, as it made them realise what they had lost.

Ukraine has been under attack a very long time.  How come there was a US geostationary satellite placed overhead the day the power station blew.  Now we are visiting yet further evil on these very nice and cultured people.  I am ashamed of my country, and have nothing to say about the evil bastards who masquerade as civilised human beings in our media, while committing genocidal acts, and supporting mass murder of civilians.  Don’t call them politicians, or the government.  Make sure they carry the stigma that their actions deserve.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The EU has too much to lose by imposing more sanctions on Russia which will inevitably crash the EU economy and bring about a depression with rocketing inflation. Of Course that may well be the elites overall plan!

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The EU is Washingtion’s puppet as is NATO. The Zionist/neocon lobby control the USA. United States of AIPAC.

    Neither give a fig about wrecking the economy of the nations forced into the EU Soviet.

    In fact a bankrupt EU and wrecked economy would provide much plunder in terms of hard physical assets and resources for those cash rich corporations and finance houses.

    Mass poverty would reduce the populations ability to resist.

    Given the number of US military bases in europe, is the US occupier or protector. Would they leave if we asked nicely ?

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Theresa May, Woolf, Brittan, Grayling in a conspiracy to commit the ultimate ‘fuck you’ cover-up

    Below we publish the full text of an open letter to Fiona Woolf on judicial bias and law in respect of ‘Inquiries’ Its a bit heavy going but worth reading it all.

    It is not for nothing that survivors and activists raised their twitter banners in protest crying out that Woolf’s appointment was an insult and a joke.

    Indeed the Home Secretary Theresa May intended it to be an insult, Intended to demoralize the survivors. May has the best legal advisors money can buy she is also not without intelligence so the choice of Woolf was a deliberate attempt to say. Fuck of serfs! We claim the rights of lords of the manor and we can take your kids and rape them as we please.

    Not only that if you look into Woolf’s business activities they smack of fraud. She uses many different names and has bank accounts in many different names all over the world, OK not a crime but the amounts in her accounts are enormous. Her real name is Mrs Catherine Fiona Woolf. But she rarely uses her real name. She mostly uses Fiona Woolf or Ms Catherine Woolf or Miss Catherine Fiona Woolf, or Miss Catherine Fiona Swain (her maiden name) of just Ms Fiona Swain, or Catherine Swain. We have found a multicurrency bank account in the Swiss Bank UBS in the name of Ms Fiona Woolf with a balance of over 5 million swiss franks. Her friend Leon Brittan QC is the Vice Chairman of UBS. What are Woolf and Brittan hiding is this the Proceeds of Crime? Could it be the profits from the global child porn network? Come on ask her?

  4. sovereigntea says:


    by dbfamilylaw

    Dear Lady Woolf
    Perceived bias: the law
    I write to you as one solicitor to another and as one officer of the Supreme (‘Senior’) Court to another. I am aware of the concerns expressed in the press and other media at your appointment to chair an inquiry on the variety of the long-standing child abuse allegations. I write to you as one solicitor to another to ask you to say what is your side of the story in relation to published allegations about your personal and public relations with individuals who may be required to give evidence; and to ask you to reflect upon whether or not you can be said to be biased in the light of your own contacts and the people who may be inquired into by the panel.
    First, I assume you and the Home Secretary consider that you have the ‘necessary expertise’ to conduct this inquiry. Inquiries Act 2005 s 8(1)(a) requires that when a minister appoints, s/he must consider that, ‘as a whole… [an inquiry panel member has] the necessary expertise to undertake the inquiry’.

  5. sovereigntea says:


    Leon Britten QC

    Fiona Woolf Speaker at Swiss Banking Conference Leon Brittan attended to hear her speak

    Woolfs world Bankers and corporate lawyers leech off the toil and suffering of the poor.

    Theresa May speaking on defence and security hosted by Fiona Woolf Home Secretary Theresa May is the keynote speaker at the annual Defence and Security Lecture, hosted by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Fiona Woolf.

    Fiona Woolf and Fiona Swain both directors of IOM (isle of Man) company MITRE SECRETARIES LIMITED A company which acts as nominee secretary for companies who want to hide their beneficial owners. This is called TAX EVASION but only if you are not a Westminster pedophile friend

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kate Middleton’s up the duff again. Another useless eater on the way.

  7. John Bull says:

    This is the same game that they played with Hitler when the Poles were genociding German nationals inside Poland that had previously been German soil (Prussia) before Versailles. The so called Corridor.

    Same old, same old.

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